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Could you please just go ahead and get your gloating about the Pirates/Cards series out of the way now?  Why wait 3 days to taunt me about all of the Pirates losses???  
Dear Herby
I'll wait......

The past couple of weeks have not been good for the Birds. It wouldn't surprise me if we lay down the next 3 days.

But look out if we don't!!!!!
Uncle Pen
Julia...  There is still hope...  despite the Orioles winning streak when they changed managers, the Pirates are only 2 games behind them in the standings.....   There is always hope@!!!
Going to miss Lou Piniella.    
Well at this point it would be better to finish last and get the first pick in next year's draft  We'll probably even mess that up!
The Ol' Statistician

Saw on ESPN where the Pirates have clinched another losing season (16 in a row) and have set a record for franchises of ANY professional sport - Congrats, Prez !!!

Actually we broke that record last year and just clinched our 18th losing season in a row
Let's see....1st inning...runners on 1st and 3rd, and nobody out.....Albert Pujols is coming to the plate....No wonder the starting pitcher came up lame. Can't say that I blame him. New pitcher into the game....1st pitch Albert saw, he deposited it in the bullpen. 3-0....final score 9-2. Cards win!!!!!!

Gotta love those Buccos. Nothing can get you out of funk better than a road trip to Pittsburg.
And how embarrassing it will be when they lose the next two games to the worst team in baseball
Uncle Pen
Well Julia, in an attempt to give you something good to say about your team,  you should note that the Pirates are 550 or so losses behind the Phillies for the all time loss record by any major sport franchise...  of course based on recent trends that might only last for 9 or 10 years until the Pirates can claim that record too!!!
Thanks Uncle!  Actually it may not take us that long
Oh........HERBY!!!!!!!     So...your Cy Young candidate can't beat the Pirates?????  THE PIRATES????????  Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee 


Gotta love those Buccos. Nothing can get you out of funk better than a road trip to Pittsburg.

Uh Herby.......you were saying?????????

Wow a series win over the Cards by the worst team in baseball!!!!  
I would like to thank Sassy Susan from Summersville for these two wins!  She just got FSN Pittsburgh on her cable system and has watched the last two games, both of which the Pirates won! 
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