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Mike Garlock
Hey Susan,

    I played in the last Golf Tourney of the Season Today and finished 2nd.  That payed four Tickets down low in the Carrier Dome this Saturday for the Noon game against West Virginia!  Do you want to take a Road Trip?  You can have two of them.  Mike G.

WOW that is GREAT!!! I will let you know ASAP if I can make it!  You do now WVU will win  

Hmmmmm....I'm guessing you won't be inviting me to go along with you if you want WVU to win  I believe I've been banned from going to any sporting event with you

Who wants the BLACK CAT!

The Pirates have been trying to get rid of me for years....17 to be exact
You Can Keep Her!
Got bad news for ya Prez....Cardinal fans have been trying to do the same!!!!!

Mike, you and Suzie Q have fun at the game. If you happen to get a couple of tickets for the Mizzou/Nebraska game; I'm in!!!!!!!!

What did first place win?  Two tickets?

Mike Garlock

Just when I thought I missed him I came to my sense's!  Mike G.

Say hello to my little friend.....from the left coast.

I thought a seaweed monster had gobbled him up.

He's obviously been busy havesting kelp and bean sprouts for the upcoming feast we're going to have next Monday!!!!! The knife is sharp, the freezer is empty, and Charles and Gary are looking quite inviting.
Dear Herby,

So I guess you're going to be full of bull.....now there's something new!

Don't worry, after you're rehabilitated and released from jail, you can still become a productive member of society......just like Michael Vick!
En Contrare mon ami.....(or something like that) Been 35 years since french class.

Let me correct you on something....there is no Bull around here. We had that taken care of long ago. Steers would be the correct assumption.

If memory serves me, Michael Vick was jailed on dog fighting. We don't do that. Cock fighting is more our cup of tea in Missouri. LOL

Just Kidding!!!! Don't sick PETA on me!!!! I never fought a rooster in my life....I was always afraid he could whip me. LOL

Actually, we're all lovers around here...you know the old song...."If you don't love your neighbor, then you don't love God"

On an unrelated note....will you be coming to KC for the Chargers/Chiefs game on the 25th? I just happen to know the vocalist, as you do as well, that will be singing the anthem that day. You can meet me at the 50 yd line during the pre game ceremonies, and we can talk about some of our favorite topics. Like food, music, and politics. Might even throw in some college football if we have time. Are there any Buckeyes on the Chiefs, or Chargers team? Maybe we could get you an autograph. Or I could bring my cell phone and they could call you prior to kickoff. Commissioner Goddell shouldn't mind that too much.
Gary Kennedy
Dear Herbavore,

Thanks for your interest in THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  For your autograph-seeking convenience, here's a list of BUCKEYES currently active in the NFL.

I probably won't be able to join you in Kansas City because I'll be attending the OHIO STATE-Minnesota game in Columbus on October 24th.  It'll be homecoming some morning......

Since you're going to be on the field before the game, I would appreciate it if you could work with the Chargers' defense.  Their primary weaknesses are on the defensive line, at linebacker, and in the secondary.  With significant improvement in those areas, I'm confident that they could shut down the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders.

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since the Cornhuskers visited Columbia.  I happened to be in Lincoln, NE that day to see the incomparable  RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE.  Between sets, I went to the local sports bar to watch the BUCKEYES.  They let me have one little TV in the corner while everybody else watched the Tigers annihilate the Huskers.  Never been in a quieter bar. 

When I went back to the festival for the RVR evening set, the Queen of Bluegrass almost got us both killed when she stood onstage and asked me the score of the Missouri-Nebraska game.  That's when I first realized what a loyal fan she is.

This RHONDA VINCENT sports memory is brought to you by PETA.  You can expect a visit from your local representative any day now.
It must be very lonely for you to live in San Diego, and the hometown Chargers don't have 1 Buckeye on their current roster.

After watching the Chargers defense last week, I'm considering suiting up myself. Afterall, how much worse could it get. I'm thinking at 6'3, 240, I could be a strong safety. Since I'm not very fast, (the last time I was clocked in the 40 yd dash was with a sun dial) and the SS usually draws tight ends on coverage, I might have a chance. If we play a "cover 2" then I just have to cover an area, and not look into the QB's eyes. Either way, I should be fine.
I could also punt and kick extra points. With a strong wind behind me, and if I can get the nose to turn over, I think I could get off a 40 yarder. PAT's will be NP. I could do that in my sleep.

How would I look in "lightning bolts?" Might look better than some defensive linemen in the uni. NOT!!!!!!

I'm also sorry to inform you, that there are no "PETA" reps in our area. I don't think the climate is right around here for them. They would starve in the winter time in N'East Mo. Tough to grow sprouts when it's below zero.

Steak anybody???
Dear Herbalicious,

I like my steak medium rare.  I'll eat Gary's steak for him too.
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