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Mike B
I submitted my steak order several weeks ago.  Julia has my PayPal info!
No PETA in AL either.

Charlie K

We could fight over Gary's steak, Courtney, but I think there is gonna be enough for everyone!

OK. For all you "meat lovers" Mike B. Courtney, Charlie K, we'll have a big BBQ at my house to celebrate Gary's steaks.

Should be Herbalicious!!!!!!

Anyone else coming????

Count me in

Mary G
  • Of course! Well please.
:) 99 :)

86 & 99 too......
as long as there are no SHRIMP!
I'll take the shrimp too.

Come on 99. Surf and Turf sounds good!!!!!


She like's SHRIMP ............. she's just messin' with ya'.


Sure it sounds good to some people  Herby , BUT........ not to me!!!!!!


99 :kiss:

You know how I feel ABOUT shrimp!!!!


This post was about a golf tournament, football tickets, and a road trip.  Could we please get back on topic?  You're all in violation of Universal Message Board Etiquette!

86 :cool:

I couldn't agree more, GLK!!!!!!!!!!!!
How would you like your steak cooked? 

Herby,  I like my steak medium.. &  also love SHRIMP!    let me know when the event is scheduled  & I will bring cake  ( just let me know which flavor you prefer)   and oh do you need BIG YEAST ROLLS TOO!!!  that could also be arranged.  could  somebody send me a copy of the UNIVERSAL MESSAGE BOARD ETIQUETTE.   I probably have broken all the rules!!!
86 :eek:

 You love SHRIMP, Gloria?????????  WOW.  My wife hates  SHRIMP, although she is a steak lover .........  RARE .  I like my cake SWEET, with lots of chocolate.  BIG YEAST ROLLS ........ I haven't had those in years.   This sounds like it's going to be a GREAT event!!!!!!!

 UNIVERSAL MESSAGE BOARD ETIQUETTE?????????????  I could barely spell the last word.

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