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Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

     Your Tigers took care of our Cornell Big Red!  Susan's WV Mountain Men were the first Big East Team to go Packing.  Tom's Spartans play tonight.  Going to be a fun Weekend!  Mike G.
The warm-up games are over and now it's time for the important games to begin. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is only six wins away from the national championship.  Two games in Dayton, two in Indianapolis, and two in Detroit.  Those are all easy drives for the fans.  I wish it was going to be that easy to get the players there.

Somebody once said that you should win in your home state before you fight for another state.  GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
 Hey Gary........does this mean I'll be dotting the "I" in Mizzou????  

A sad day in WV

Go Blue
Somebody once said you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch.

Sienna 74, Ohio State 72.

Michigan advances, and THE Ohio St. goes home. This must be a terrible day for you GLK. My condolences!!! It would be similar to KU over MU, Cubbies over the Cardinals, or November 4th, 2008.
Have a seaweed salad on me partner. I feel your pain.
Alvin Bressler
It will be interesting to see how Mizzou can handle Marquette, & if so, what can they do with Memphis if they beat Maryland? They are getting into the MAIN COURSE after the SALAD now!
Mike Garlock
November 4, 2008 that day wil go down in......

Mike G.
There's some sort of basketball countdowns going on in Portland.

The hotel was crowded with boys in gym outfits - and every other person was carrying 6 pizzas, along with their luggage.

The outfits were black with "All American Bluegrass Girl" green trim.

This morning I saw a man wearing a T-Shirt that said NCAA Basketball.

That's my "SPORTS" experience for today.  

Mike Garlock

Is there any Cheesburger Pizza in the House?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Mike G.

Mike...I don't know what kind of pizza they had.

At the Aladdin Theatre, we sampled their incredible pizza, just before the show...and do you know....everyone turned up their nose at the one I chose.....
Mushroom, Sundried Tomato, and Goat Cheese.  It was yummy.
And perfect thin crust.

Hunter decided he wanted to try it.....then threw it in the trash.  He said it tasted like tobacco. 

He had pepperoni and sausage.  ICK. 

Mike Garlock

I would have chosen the same one as you did.  Carnival's 24 hour pizzeria has Cheve Pizza.  Most of our friends don't like Goat Cheese either.

Portland is hosting the NCAA tournament regional. That's why you saw all the fans of teams. Could have been Cleveland St. or Portland St. I'll have to check my bracket to see who is playing in Portland.

I'm with Hunter on the pizza selection.
Oh Honey...these weren't FANS......they were

buff, adorable athletes.   They were still in their basketball outfits.

And musta been hungry too, with all those pizzas.

Courtney....you should have been there!  

Not that I really noticed....I was really sleepy you know. 

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