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Did you ask who they played for?

Players wouldn't have still been in their uniforms. They would have showered at the venue, and been in their suit and tie outfits. They have an image to uphold, kinda like entertainers, bluegrass singers, musicians, etc...you know how that works!!!!
Rhonda, did the uniforms look like sweat outfits??? Guess what? PURDUE IS IN PORTLAND, and that could of been our boys, oh!! I am so jealous, and trust me Rhonda they are buff!!!!!!!! lol, lol.
     Linda from Ind. 
Hi Herbie,
 I have 3 words for you "GO CUBS GO", and that is all I have to say about that, lol.

  Linda from Ind.
oh! and 3 more words, 'GO PURDUE GO"
 The only reason I mentioned the cubbies, is because you did earlier, lol, can't wait till baseball starts.
Yes Linda...they were in black with lime green trim.  They were all dressed alike too. 

And most of all of them had pizzas in their hands, pulling luggage.
A whole lobby full of cute boys. 

Do you know if Purdue wears black when they are just out walking around?

If so, it could have been them. 

 That wasn't Purdue, there colors are Black and Gold,but, they are there
 . and they won, so we move onto next week to higher grounds, lol.
  Have a safe trip.
PS Whitey and I will see you next Sat. 
Wait just a second here!  Herb, you mean to tell me that you booked RV in a town filled with hot athletic college guys, and you neglected to let me know?!    Had I known that, I would've been on the first flight to Portland!  

Herby, I would like to request that you notify me every time you book a show that coincides with some major men's sporting event.  It could be the NCAA Frozen Four (hockey), this March madness junk, the PBR (Oh la la!), or anything else.

I tell you what.  See if you can book RV in Vegas during the PBR Finals. She'll show me the Carrot Top show she likes so much, and I'll show her the cute bull riding cowboys.

RV, do me a favor and pass along my information to any of those smart athletic men who play for Purdue.  Hmm...maybe they have a pharmacy school there.

Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    We made it to the Sweet 16 Baby!  Now can your Tigers hold off Marquette?  3:50 Central time it's going to be a good one!  Mike G.
That's a good question Mr. Mike. Missouri can beat anyone, but the flip side is...they can be beat by anyone also.

Marquette is tough, and will be tougher today since they got their point gaurd back.

Congrats to the 'Cuse. I had them picked for the Sweet 16.

Where is GLK? He sure has been quiet since the Buckeyes went down in the 1st round. I'm sure he'll be watching today when Michigan plays Oklahoma. I wonder which team he'll be rooting for?
Mike Garlock
Hey Herb,

    I wish I could have watched the Missouri Game.  They showed the Score up in the Corner of the TV Screen.  Looked like you had a good one to watch.  Did you lose any fingernails watching that one?  Congratulations on the Win!  Mike G.
Gary Kennedy
Herby, to answer your question, the only way that I would root for michigan would be if it would help THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, and it's too late for that now.  I can handle losing, especially since OSU has a very young team with no seniors, and they did better this season than I ever expected.  However, when you take a three point lead with nine seconds left, you might consider guarding the three-point line.  Just a suggestion.  Anyway, congratulations to michigan for winning their first NCAA Tournament game in 15 years.  At that rate, their next win will be during the last year of Hillary's second term.

Welcome to the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board, go blue.  We're all very friendly here, so please introduce yourself and tell us your real name.  There's no rule that says you have to read and comprehend a post before you respond to it.  You might consider giving it a try sometime, though.  Since you enjoy posting OHIO STATE basketball scores so much, here are a couple that you seem to have forgotten:

January 17 in ann arbor:
JANUARY 28 in Columbus:
Just in case you're wondering, that makes nine out of the last ten for the good guys.  Giggle that!

Herby, I've been avoiding the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board lately because I've had to record most of the games and watch them later.  I wouldn't want some celebrating Syracuse or Missouri fan to spoil the suspense for me.  Special thanks to CBS for always showing the game which is least interesting to me.  I especially enjoy the Live Look-Ins so Gumball can tell us what we missed.  They  usually just show a huddle of some mysterious team wearing black and All American Bluegrass Girl Green. 

I know this is hard to believe, but I've been very busy with the NCAA Women's Tournament being held at SDSU.  Also, the Aztec men have had homecourt advantage in the older and more prestigious National Invitation Tournament.  I've got a couple of more ESPN2 appearances scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights.  I'll be at the scorer's table a little to the left of midcourt.  I'd like to wear a RHONDA VINCENT t-shirt, but I would also like to stay employed.

So a few nights ago, while the Aztecs were pummeling Kansas State, I started singing "Manhattan, Kansas" by the legendary Donna Fargo, but I couldn't find a harmony singer anywhere.  I asked everyone at the scorer's table if they knew the song, but they all just gave me the same Funny Face (if you need that one explained, please contact the legendary Sami Daggett).  Where's the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT when you need her?  Probably enjoying a romantic dinner under the golden arches.  I'll bet she knows the words to "Manhattan, Kansas" and you couldn't ask for a better harmony singer.  Or lead singer, for that matter.  Not only that, but she would know exactly what she was getting herself into because she's sung with me several times in the past.  I know for a fact that she doesn't like to brag about it, though.

In conclusion, special thanks to Dear Herby for mentioning November 4, 2008.  No doubt, that will always be remembered as one of the greatest days in American history.  Someday, that date will be commemorated as a national holiday in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!

Tom Alman


P.S. Who says the Big ten cant keep up?
Hammer, I was unable to watch the Missouri game since I had to pick a package up at the airport. I did listen on the radio. Sounds like Missouri tried to give it away, but was able to make some free throws to seal the deal.

How about the Big East...an unprecedented 5 teams in the sweet 16...3 for the Big 12...2 for the ACC...2 for the Big 10.

Hammer, we need to follow Gary around at some of these games. Stats guys get the best seat in the house. They're so close, they can smell the sweat.

Gary, congrats to you on working the NCAA's and NIT's. That's quite an honor. When people ask, I can say I know that guy. He's been to Sally Mountain...Kirksville Country Club...and to Lick Skillet. He's world renownd.

Now that I've been so nice, could you get me any tickets for Glendale AZ? Missouri and Memphis will lock horns there next Thursday. Could be a fun game to watch.
Herby, if you're serious, I can work on the tickets.  I might be able to come up with something for face value.  Otherwise, you could probably get decent seats from one of the expensive ticket brokers.  Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as important as I seem to think I am.

Yes, RHONDA , this means that you now get to dot the "i" in Mizzou.  Actually, if you can get the band to spell out Missouri, then Dear Herby can dot the other "i".  I just hope that this won't cause anything "ssour" to come between the two of you.
Does this mean Dear Herby is taking me on a Rhon-Da-Voo to Arizona???

Gary...could you move this game to Las Vegas, so I can see Carrot Top TOO??

Mike B
Let's not forget the ladies!  Auburn plays Rutgers and Mississippi State plays.....oh well, I forget who MSU plays
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