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Just a curious questions. Hope there will be those if you, that will respond. How many times married? Just curious what is going on in the lives of those in bluegrass. I have asked before but my message never reached the boards.

Carol Cox
Oliva, Got married at seventeen to a handsome sailor and will be celebrating our 56th anniversary in February!
Jim from Tolono
I am on my 2nd marriage, but this one has lasted 28 years. 

Congratulations... Have me beat at 51 years.


My Bride and me will have 50 years in March next year    David

Charles Flanary
Been married only once for 42 & 1/2 years.
Thanks for your replies. Very interesting, when stats prove to be 7-7-7.

Quick story. My g'parents were married for 67 years before his death. My g'mother lived to be 104, and before she died she was celebrating what would have been their 84th anniversary. Sweet Bliss.....
John S

Olivia ... 19 years ago, I walked into the pharmacy where a sweet gal named Stephanie worked, and 15 minutes later asked her to marry me. Needing time to plan a wedding, we waited three months, and in the midst of an early December blizard we said the 'I do's' in front of God, family and friends.  

 We celebrated #48 in Nov. got married when we were 19. I have enjoyed reading about the long marriages very good.
Jim Hughes

My wife Jane and I were married on a beautiful late Fall day back on November 20th 1982.  Now 26 years later we are still going strong with two fantastic sons!   We have been Blessed as a Family!

Edward M. O'Brien

Susan & I have had "A Good Thing Going" for thirty years now. First (& only ) marriage for both of us.

Charles Flanary
I miss figured,My wife Mary and i have been married 43 & 1/2 years.It will be 44 in June.

Sheila and I got married on my parents anniversary, May 18, 1985.   If the good Lord lets us all make it, in 2010 it will be 25 years for us and 60 years for them. 

Bob and I were married in 1972.   Will be 37 years this June.  First and only marriage for both of us.

Nancy and I were married 24 years in September

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