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Gloria Boyd
 Oliva,   Ralph and I have married 39 years. I married the boy down the road(we live in the country). Knew him all my live.  Ralph is 6 years older so we never dated until I was 19. I was always had a crush on him but he didn't know. We dated 4 months before we got married. He was in the Marines 5 years and I still wasn't out of school!!Remember I was in the 6th grade when he graduated from high school.  (He still gives me butterflies and makes my heart skip) He is a wonderful husband.
 (12-12-1969) (First and only)

Our  daughter Stephanie and Eric have been married 13 years
(8-12-1995) (First and only)

My parents Joe and Ruth Metcalf just celebrated their 60th anniversary!!
(1-3-1949) (First and only)
Alvin Bressler
My Wife Kathryn & I were married October 14, 1967, (41 + years ago), in the same Church we attend today. We have been blessed with 3 chilldren, (Scott, Bruce & Corrie), 7 Grandchildren,(Halee,Audrey,Carter,Katie,Drew,Makenna, & Kylie), & recorded our first Family CD at Bobby Clarks, "Top Dog Studio", this past Summer. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!
Karen & Chris in CA
Thanks for making marriage important. That can not be emphasized enough.
Chris and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on May 26th 2009.
Besides our children it is our most precious accomplishment.
Especially living our married life in California.  Chris has deep Missouri values instilled in him and I have a deep Catholic faith and East cost values instilled in me. Together we have a life long commitment.
If we had been blessed with ??? we would hire Rhonda & the Rage to play at a giant Ragin party over Memorial weekend to help us celebrate.
The commitment to marriage Rock's !!!
Never been married.  What a mistake.  I have a dog.  You can't kiss a dog.

The love of a good woman is worth ten dogs.

It's 46 years for me and "ole" Don.  Met on the ham radio when I was 16 and he was well, older by a few years.  Talked for the first year using Morse Code.  He's K4GFY and I'm K4SAF.  We have his and her amateur radio stations.  One of the reasons we've made it for 46 years maybe.

Carol in Morehead
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