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Uncle Pen

Could it be.......   Syracuse??????    He and both Owens' from here in Carlisle....

Karen in ? and MO
Congrat's Julia! Our season has come to an end. The game was a hard
one to watch especially after the half.
But when you put everything into perspective, there is always next year.
For now we are looking forward to Rhonda and the Rage's show and the
upcoming CD. Our weather will be around 70ish with no chance  rain for atleast 10 days. So they should enjoy the mild climate.

Thanks for you good wishes for Samantha's boyfriend. Very much appreciated.
I look forward to meeting you in person someday. Not sure when we will be in Missouri next but would like to co-ordinate it with a RV show and a full Missouri moon. Might take some planning and intervention from above. Have a good week.
Trudy Heffernan
Well that was a fine game. In our house we're hoping for a Phillys ang Steelers game.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Hoping the Steelers of course.  -Trudy
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