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Needless to say, all of us here at the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board will be cheering wildly for the San Diego Chargers when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs on Sunday.  However, Sassy's support for the Chargers is based upon a very personal motive.

Ever since she "attended" her 186th "show", Sassy has been desperately clinging to the slimmest of margins.  It now appears that she will do anything to maintain her "lead".  If the Chargers beat the Steelers, that will make it very difficult for me to attend the RHONDA VINCENT shows in northern California next week.

And that's the story of how Sassy became a Chargers' fan. 
Mike Garlock
Morning GLK,

    I have never told you this, but I have alway's been a Charger Fan.  Even though some lowly Years.  Mike G.
Tom Alman
You don't think she would brag about it, would you? Just thought I had better get my comment in before she gets here. If you know what I mean LOL!!!


Tom Alman
That seals it LOL!!!

We'll see I just want Gary to be able to go to the shows in CA and if the Chargers win he won't be able to. Just thinking of GLK!


Tom Alman
O_K Susan, I got it. 143 days till June 2nd. You can take it from there LOL! Good luck Rhonda, we are counting on ya HEE! HEE! No pun intended!  Not!!!

Mary C.

Go Steelers!!!

Karen in CA & MO
GLK and all of our fellow Charger fan's,
We are so proud to be fans of the San Diego Charger's and Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. They both fly under the radar then deliver and make us oh so proud. Last weekend was a Charger nail biter and I could only imagine what Gary was going thru. I thought of you every time the score changed.
I was given Rhonda and the Rage tickets for Christmas. Yes, we will be going to the Arroyo Grande concert next Sat. and I can't wait. That was the best gift ever. I was lucky enough to see Rhonda in Springfield,MO but Chris has never seen her live. Is he ever in for a treat.
Wish Herby was coming as I could hook him up at the Ojai Valley Inn. We have excellant golf here in our little valley.
Rhonda, we have world class spa's . And shopping exists here too !
You two will just have to come back.
Thanking the Rager's for there Charger support in advance.  JULIA ?????????
(Our daughter's boyfriend is deploying to Iraq in 6 hrs. God Bless America and God keep our troops safe and coming back to us)
GO BOLTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I'd better change my strategy here.....

GO CHARGERS!!!!! Panic has just hit the San Diego area
Karen, I pray for a safe trip for your daughter's boyfriend and an equally safe, and quick, return home!
Uncle Pen
Dare we dream....  World Series Champs and Super Bowl on the same year????

Mike Garlock

What School did Donovan McNabb go to?  Mike G.

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