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Mike B
Louise - Sorry I am so late in responding.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Vickie and your family during this difficult time.

Louise, your neice & family are in my Prayers

My prayers are with your niece!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! to each and everyone of you precious Rager's for your prayers and comforting words.
I feel so Blest to have you as my Ragin' Friends.

        God Bless You ALL.
Charlie K

I'm so sorry to hear, Louise. I will keep you and your niece in my thoughts and prayers. That is very heartbreaking.

Thank you Charlie!!!!
Robert! I wanted to let you know your Sister Susan has been in my prayer's.
You are always in my prayer's as well.

Louise we will be praying for you niece. We have seen many miracles happen.  I pray this will be another one.


First let me say how sorry I  am to hear your nieces cancer has waged war on her again. That is exactly what it is-A WAR. Having family , friends, and  even strangers pray for her is an enormous comfort for her I hope. Please tell her that we are praying for her. I think it is hard on the family and friends as it makes everyone feel so helpless . May our merciful God send his angels to ease her and give her physicians and all involved in her treatment the best for her. Please keep us posted.

Louise, there are so many new treatments for this terrible disease and they are working. Your niece needs to keep a positive attitude and feed on the strength of those around her. Cancer is a bad word but it's not the end. I will pray for all of your family.  Keep trusting in the Lord.  He is the Divine Healer.
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