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Good Morning Everyone.
I am so sad and heart broken this day. My precious niece Vickie has been fighting a battle with cancer off and on for many years now.
She has been taking chemo again and bone treatments for almost two years ...because the cancer came back and spread to her liver and bones.
She was in remission for a while....the treatments seem to be helping her .
She went for her checkup last week.
I found out yesterday that the cancer is spreading on her liver and to {quote} the Doctor...her bones are in a mess.
All I can do is cry and pray..as I do for her all the time.
I would so much appreciate prayers from all my Ragin'' buddies.

My Vickie is one of GODS' children and loves Him with all her being .

Louise I am very sorry to hear this. I will keep Vickie in my thoughts and prayers.
Louise, I'm so very sorry to hear this.  I will certainly keep you and your niece in my thoughts and prayers.

Mary C.

Louise, I am sorry to hear this. Your niece will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Robert Hall
Louise,my prayers are with Vickie as well..you always pray for me,so it's the least I can do,to do the same for you and your niece..I pray all goes well for her..and for YOU too!--worrying about someone who's sick and dear to you sucks,I know that all too well..

I could use some prayers for my sister Susan also--she will most likely need to have her gallbladder removed,she has gallstones, and wont know until tomorrow when the cat scan test results come back what course of action will be taken..will probably take place this week,whatever course they choose..

Naturally,I am very upset about her being ill,and I was hoping she could have gone with me to see Rhonda this Saturday..now I'm doubtful I'll even get to go at all..
I have four days left to get up over 100 bucks to do so,and I am not very hope-full at all.


P.S. --Prayers to Earl and Sherri Austin as well,hope they have safe travels to MI and no troubles en-route!..
Louise, my prayers go out to your niece Vickie, as well as for you. My prayers also go out to Roberts sister as well. My prayers also go out to all our men and women in the armed forces. Thank you, men and women who are serving, and have served this great country of ours. LOUISE, thank you for your very kind words today in your email. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
My prayers are with you and your neice.  I pray all goes well.  Please keep us updated.
Gary Kennedy

Louise, I'm so sorry to hear this sad news about your niece.  Let's all keep believing that the treatments will be successful.  Best wishes to Vickie and also to you, Louise!

Tom Alman
Best wishes to Vickie and to you Louise! Your friends are here for you. Keep us updated!!!

Louise...I'm Praying for your niece Vickie!
God Bless her and give you all the strength you need!
John S
Louise ... Vickie has our prayers here also.  And you are in those prayers as well.


Louise, I am so sorry about Vickie.  Cancer is such a horrible disease and takes it's toll on the whole family, I will keep you and all your loved ones in my prayers.

Louise -
Your niece and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Although there isn't anything that can ease the pain your family feels at Vicki's illness, please know that God himself weeps during these times!  I will keep your entire family in my prayers!

God bless you and keep you!

Kim from MO

Louise, I'll keep your niece in my prayers.  And Robert, your sister also.

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