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On the eve of Bracketology Sunday, here is the way the Swami see's the top 4 seeds.

#1 seeds....Louisville, Pitt, Memphis, North Carolina

#2 seeds...Duke, Michigan St. Uconn, Missouri

#3 seeds...Syracuse, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wake Forest

#4 Seeds...Villanova, UCLA, Gonzaga, Washington

The rest you can throw into a hat, and draw them out.

Get your pen and paper out Sunday at 6pm EST and fill those brackets out.

Let the fun begin.
Mike Garlock

The Games not over yet Swami!

Hey Swami,
 That's all I got to say about that.
     Whitey A Big Purdue Fan
Purdue is a very good team, and got a #5 seed. This is where I expected them to be. Watch out for Northern Iowa. They ain't bad either.

I was very disapointed in Oklahoma getting a 2 seed over MU and KU. Oklahoma did nothing in the conference. They didn't win the regular season or the tournament, and didn't beat Mizzou or KU, but yet they get to play close to home in KC instead of Mizzou or KU.

I didn't like Arizona getting in. I don't feel like they deserve it over St. Marys or San Diego St. I also didn't like the Big East getting 3 #1's. Memphis won 31 games. Even if their conference isn't as good as the Big East, you can't penalize them for it. UConn was beaten twice by Pitt, and Louisville won the conference. UConn should've been a #2.

The Big 10, SEC, and PAC 10 will struggle mightily to win games. The Big 12 could get a couple of teams to the Sweet 16.

One interesting note....Mizzou is 10-4 against teams in the tournament field, with 5 of those wins coming on the road, or neutral sites.

The Ohio St. didn't get a favor. They play Siena in the first round. Sorry Gary. I have Siena advancing to next round.

More to come later in the week.
Dear Swami,

I never get too worked up about the seedings, because everybody still has to win six games.  The committee has a tough job, and they can't please everybody, but I do have a couple of complaints. 

I'm probably biased because I work for the Mountain West Conference, but I thought we deserved more than two bids.  New Mexico finished tied for first and didn't get in.  The Aztecs had their chances to close the deal in Las Vegas, but they couldn't do it.  They're probably better off in the NIT where they might actually win a few games.

I thought that Penn State got totally ripped off.  They're going to the NIT after finishing tied for fourth in the Big Ten.  Meanwhile, Minnesota and michigan (imagine small font) were tied for seventh place and they're both in the real tournament.

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY looked great scoring 82 points against Michigan State when they usually struggle to get to 60.  The BUCKEYES have a bunch of streak shooters who all got hot at the same time, but that won't happen every game.  They might win one game, but then they would face Louisville, so it will be time to start planning the post-season banquet.

I don't do predictions, but I've thought for most of the season that Pittsburgh was the best team.  There are plenty of teams that are very close to them, though.  Syracuse is dangerous, especially if you don't put them away in the first 65 minutes.  The SEC can start focusing on spring football practice. 

One thing is for sure, we certainly don't need to see any more championship trophies going to Pittsburgh.  The next thing you know, somebody will come on here popping off about the Pirates.  Does this message board have a complaint department?
Did someone say PIRATES?
Tom Alman
That there is an OLD picture.

They will be celebrating their 30th year of losing in 2009. They are on track to catch the Cubbies.

Some things just never change.
Mike B
The SEC can start focusing on spring football practice. 

Auburn's A-Day spring game is April 18th.  Let the Gene Chizik era begin!!!
Now now Herby, you're forgetting the 3 straight years making the playoffs in the 90's. It's SEVENTEEN years of losing we're going after not 30 It may be ancient history but the Pirates do have many more World Championships than the Cubbies
That there is an OLD picture.
Tom; that is GL'Kent' Tekulve- Ace Reliever

Sadly, 'SixBurgh' will not bring home a title in basketball- they will get called for unnecessary roughness and roughing the passer too many times to keep the starters in the game

Can we get Rageland Security over here to deal with these thread hijackers?  This is a basketball thread.  If you want to talk about baseball, please go to the political thread!

Karen in ??
Did Suami happen to see a "Ragin Cookbook" in our Queens
future ? Our little herbmaker aka homemaker  "Susie" would love to read such a book. As it will have lots of "honey love's" and many woman'isims for the Queen's female following. We shoult take care of our man. Somehow the Ozzie and Harriet meets the Hogan's doesn't mesh. But being a very loyal wife I will try and serve my man and our Queen.
Wish we were in WA to see the show. Our son lives in Bellingham but he has to work or he would be at the show.
Hope you have an awesome time in Washington State.
I'm spending the week in Texas but will be thinking of all of you. !!
Mike B

I'm watching a good basketball game on ESPN Classic today.  Kentucky v. UCLA...Joe Hall v. John Wooden from the San Diego Sports Arena.  This is the 1975 National Championship game - John Wooden's last game.  UCLA is up, Kentucky is tired...the suspence is killing me!  Gotta love those 1975 basketball shorts!!!

Mike B

I really should use the spell check more often....suspense!

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