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Hi folks!

If you had to plan your own Rhonda Vincent and the Ragers concert, where would you hold the venue?  And no, your living room or home is NOT a valid answer! LOL!  To make it interesting, who would you have share the stage with Rhonda and who would you have Rhonda sing a duet with?  I don't have any thoughts just yet, but I am thinking!
Charlie K

It would be awesome to see Rhonda at the Hollywood Bowl. Going to the Bowl to see anybody is an fun experience so it would be even better to see someone you love like RV&R. I would love to see Rhonda sharing the stage and singing a duet with Carrie Hassler and her band Hard Rain. Carrie also has a great voice and I would love to hear how the two voices would sound together. Carrie's band sounds terrific also and I would think they would sound good live.


Hi Vito! great topic.

I would love to see Rhonda in concert at the ''Sommet Center in Nash TN''.
I would love to hear her sing a duet with one of my ALL TIME  favorites
The Great Don William's.
Maybe ''You're My Best Friend''.
Kim from MO
Hi Vito,
This is great!

Well, since Rhonda and I are both from the Show Me State, I would love to see Rhonda perform at the Missouri State Capital.  There's lots of shows held on the South Lawn, using the Capital steps as the stage. 

Who would sing with Rhonda.....how about Kimberly Williams?  I would love that!  2 of my favorite ladies of Bluegrass!
Robert Hall

Since my living room is out--how about my Quonset garage,it's 20x40 feet and looks like the "Hatch Shell" an orchestra would perform under,like the one in Boston!..I bet a live show in there would sound great!..(but I'm not sure I could clean all the junk out of the garage,and survive,it's a real mess in there!)..

Or,maybe we could have a "Ragin BBQ" out under the towering pines in the backyard--Rhonda could sing the "Lonesome Pine Blues", and it would be the perfect tune for out there!...

If it had to be at a "real" venue,there isn't too many places I can think of around here that would be suitable, unfortunately..

Maybe the Plymouth Memorial Hall,right at the sea coast, next to the "Mayflower",its only 17 miles from my home, and I'd love to get to see Rhonda only 15 minutes away from home for a change!..and she could do some sightseeing and swimming,and walk on the beach,and Cape Cod is only minutes away too..

I saw Lee Ann Womack and Kathy Mattea,and Blake Shelton there before..the acoustics aren't that great,nor are the balcony seats,but it's close by and near some tourist attractions..Lee Ann spent several days vacationing there,said she loved it here!.

I've heard of a few newer "coffeehouse" type venues in nearby towns that have had some "big names" appear at them lately,but I've never been to them yet,so I cant say if they would be a good place to see Rhonda perform at--same goes for some school auditoriums I saw some other artists at,that were pretty nice places..probably wont hold enough people,cause I bet Rhonda would sell out pretty much any place here,if the show was advertised properly..

As for "Duets",though,I'm not sure--I think Rhonda and Dolly Parton are pretty hard to beat!..maybe Emmy Lou Harris?..or James Taylor,maybe he could come up from Martha's Vineyard and sing with Rhonda in Plymouth!..(bet she'd like that!)..

I think a "Women Of Country" type of concert is long overdue!--only this time. mix in some Country Women and
"Bluegrass Girls",all on the same stage..

I'd love to see Rhonda team up with Dolly Parton,
Pam Tillis,Martina Mcbride,Suzy Bogguss,Kathy Mattea,
Patty Loveless,Alison Krauss,Trisha Yearwood,Chely Wright,Lee Ann Womack,Sara Evans,Tish Hinojosa,Emmy Lou Harris--maybe even Holly Dunn and The Sweethearts of the Rodeo,if we could coax them to come out of retirement!..
Now THAT would be SOME CONCERT!..

Ahh,well,I know it's highly unlikely to ever happen--
-but I can dream,right?..

Hi all,
 I would have Rhonda come to Crawfordsville, Ind. to our Strawberry Festival to perform, it has gotten to be a very big thing, and the people here would welcome her with open arms. Herb check into that will ya lol.
 Whitey and Linda

Wow, we have some great replies!  Ok, I wold love to see Rhonda and The Ragers at The Suny Purchase Arts Center, in Purchase New York.  I would love to see her share the stage and also sing a duet with Alison Krauss.  I think their voices would blend well together.

Strathmore Hall in Bethesda, Md. with James King!
 at my local Cosmopoliton Club in  NZ, ....Singing a duet with Vern Gosdin, or maybe Dear Herby.

Robert Hall
Your wish to hear Rhonda and Alison sing a duet has already happened!--Alison sang with Rhonda on the song "One Step Ahead Of The Blues" on her "One Step Ahead" CD..
---that song fits the mood up here lately quite well!..

"Now every day,I hope and pray"
"To make it through one more"
"As the winter wind ,rushes in,and chills me to the core"
"I've lost so much that nothing,is all I've left to lose"
"It's one day till tomorrow--and I'm one step ahead of the blue- hoooos!"..

Vito ,
also... on ''The Storm Still Rages'' cd Alison sings with Rhonda on ''When The Angel's Sing'' a beautiful song that I dearly love. Bet you have this one aready.

Louise and Rob,

Does this mean my dream concert is now null and void???
tracie SCRUGGS
Hey Everyone!!!!
Since I will be turning the BIG 4-0 on April 18th,  I would love to have Rhonda and the Rage to have a concert in the upper part of S.C. Better yet, there is a farm within walking distance and that would be the PERFECT spot!!!!
Rhonda and the Rage sang to my husband at DOLLYWOOD last year for his 40th birthday, and this year for his 41st birthday, he was serenaded in Walhalla, S.C., and he was given a Martha White polo shirt.  So....... fair is fair!!!!!!!!!!!  

Also, we would love to hear Rhonda and the Rage with a duet with Sierra Hull!!!

Great topic,

Everyone seems to be missing the obvious concert. We have Next Best Thing open the show, followed by Dailey and Vincent, and then Rhonda and the Rage. This show should be either at the Ryman Auditorium or at Sally Mountain.
Mary in MO
I vote for Sally Mountain this summer, sure hope we get to go.
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