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If you're in Nashville Saturday night, come join me at the SPBGMA Convention, bring your instrument to the Music City Sheraton and join the jam session, I'll be hosting in the first available space we can find. 

If our flight isn't delayed, we should be able to start up around 9pm.

Hope to sea you there!!!


Ok that sounds like WAY too much fun to miss im gonna have to drive to nashville tomorrow for that!!

Whitey/ Linda
Jenny F, i am going too, see you there, if I can get out of Crawfordsville, In. lol, i will be leaving around 11 or 12 tomorrow and coming back late Sun. night. can't wait to see the awards it will be my first GO RHONDA AND THE RAGE!!!!
OH Jenny...I have another new BELT to show you!!!  :-)

Can't wait to see you.....

Mary G

Rhonda & Jenny F---


Great Whitey Have a safe trip!  Cant wait to see what you got now Rhonda!

It's really different Jenny. But really beautiful. 

Hopefully it will work.

jim & mary goodman
Jenny & Whitey, that sounds like fun!  Glad Rhonda will be leading the jam, but we won't be there.  How about leading one on the cruise?  I remember Rhonda leading the jam in the open area off the pool the year it was Mexicana Riveria. Another year you jammed with other artists and last year you joined us in a jam off the Cigar bar for a few minutes. I know you work your tail off on the cruise but we just enjoy your smile, talent, presence, guidance, (am I brown noseing enough? ) Seriously whatever works for you we will understand. Rhonda fans through and through! 

Other superhero band members, are you reading this? Us common people love it when we get to enjoy your commoner side and you jam with us!!!!! Just a listener but can't beat that bluegrass!

Is there any possibility that you can record the jam session?  I would love to buy that recording!  It sounds like fun.  If I were in Nashville and a decent guitar player, I would have mustered up the courage to jam with you.

Have fun!


Ah come on Vito im not a very good mandolin player but im going anyways! 


I wish I were good.  I mean, I can play well enough where I know so many different chord progressions.  The issue I have is with timing.  I play more with my heart than I do with theory so I may take an extra beat here and there.  I should take lessons since I am a self taught guitar player.  I had a mandolin a few years ago and that was fun to play.  Have fun tonight!

Depending on the situation, I'm going to try and do a web cast tonight of the jam session.

I'll try to post a link, and test it out before the jam.  I'll try it now and see if it's working.

Hope you guys have fun!
I hope I'll be able to catch the broadcast later on.

I meant web cast.

Well im a little bummed out i drove up for the jam session and missed it  I got their on the wrong time zone i think and then couldnt find it until it was over! Next time ill have to get there way earlier i guess lol

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