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I just got done mowing 4 1/2 acres....weed eating around all the trees....unloaded a truck full of hay....unloaded another 1000 lbs of feed....booked 3 jobs....other than the booking of 3 jobs, these are things my Dad usually does. No wonder he gets up at 5 am daily. Sure be glad when he gets back on his feet.
Guess I'll mow my own 2 acres Tuesday.
Rhonda's up in Calgary living the good life, and I'm here a slavin'. Something's wrong with this picture. She should be here mowing, and me on the golf course. I'd like that picture better.
Don, looks like we will need to add another chapter to the book.

How's your day been?
Glad to hear that your mower is fixed. I will email directions to you so you can pay up on our bet and mow our six acres in TN.
Herb,sounds like you have got the working man blues, and someone needs to tell someone, to take this job and shove it, but being the man that you are, your are working your fingers to the bone, and you are doing it, all alone. Welcome to my world, sure would be nice to hear, but you'll keep your mouth shut, because you love her so dear.
Mike B

Herb - look on the bright side... at least you got to work on your tan!  Seriously though, your wife usually only works on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That should leave her plenty of time to mow, weedeat and feed the cows.  This outrage definitely warrants a chapter in the new book!

Kim from MO

Herb, Herb, Herb.....you are being such a bad influence on the guys on the message board.  Looks like the women are going to have to tame you back down at Sally Mountain this year.....Don and Mike B, I'm shaking me head at you.....

LOL...I agree Mike B. Indeed a new chapter in the book will need to be written.

Let's hear from you...The Ragers. Tell me about your day today. Was it good? Bad? Interesting? Did you notice something new today? Hear something funny? Something you would like to get off your chest? It's much better sharing it with us, than kicking the dog.

Just post to: "Dear Herby" and we'll solve all your problems.
Dear Herby,

It is true that both you and Rhonda work 24/7

Rhonda works 24 hours a day/7 days a week

You work 24 minutes a day/7 days a week

Ok sorry I couldn't resist Now I'll take that all back if my grass is mowed in TN when we get there on Friday!

Like I said in the post above. "Dear Herby" has an answer for everything.

The answer to your request is FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!
Uncle Pen's Friend
Since we got home at 5pm last night from Gettysburg, we've washed thick layers of mud off of the campsite rugs and out from underneath the motorhome.    Thank goodness we didn't get the motorhome stuck in our muddy site.   We've done 4 loads of laundry so far and now we have a load of muddy throw rugs from inside the RV and shoes.     Oh by the way did ya'll now that we had 4-5 inches of rain prior to the festival and probably another 1-2 inches from Thursday to Sunday?   

Well Herb at least your lawn mower/tractor works.   Ours got to ride in the big truck back to the service center to get fixed.    Guess Uncle will be push mowing!!!!!!!!
Robert Hall
Herb,I feel your pain.."yard work" is the pits..

I've had a few days of hard labor myself..In addition to my usual chores,here's what I've been up too..though my arms and back have really been killing me,I cant sit around and do nothing,it drives me nuts to sit and watch repeats on TV..but sometimes I think I should learn to sit still,because keeping busy makes me hurt a lot more!..and broke too..

I decided yesterday to use my "greenhouse" I made over 10 years ago for it's original intended purpose--a GARDEN!..

I figured if I want to eat this year,I'd better GROW something..it's far too expensive to buy food,and it is kind of fun to try growing it yourself(sometimes anyway!)...(even SEEDS are expensive--I got sticker shock at the nursery today!)..

I may be a bit late getting my crops started--but we had a few frosts just last week here,usually April 11th is the last "normal" frost date here--not this year though..still getting pretty cold at night here..

I had used the greenhouse with a tarp over it, to cover up a pile of junk lawnmowers and other parts and treasures for far too long--the tarp got shredded several times,and I took it off last fall,and the unsightly junk it formerly held is now either stored in another shed,or was cashed in for scrap..

I made this thing from six 20' pieces of PVC schedule 40 plumbing pipe that are arched and slid over steel pipes driven into the ground,to make a 12x20 greenhouse with a 6'6" tall opening at the center..

Yesterday,after mowing our two acre lawn,(after fixing the tractor too I might add!),I dragged one of my two ancient Roto-Tillers out,spent 3 hours cleaning it's ignition points and carb,broke and fixed the starter rope twice,before finally getting it to run..had to put 5 bucks worth of gas in it just to start it!..felt like I had a busted arm by the time it started..

Thankfully it ran the whole duration of the job without any issues--I think it knew I'd smash it with a sledge if it did!..
I was in no mood for any guff from that thing after fooling with it so long!..

I tilled the whole plot,and along the side of my 40' long garage--it was like concrete,and I got quite a beating from the tiller,it's an old front tine model that does its best to rip off both your arms, or drag you across the yard!....but it got the job done..it rained almost as soon as I did the last few feet..

Then, last night my older brother called me--made me miss almost all of the ACM awards show..oh well,every year I like what they call "country" less and less--I feel I didn't miss much!--

10 years ago I'd have been really upset about missing it!..
I guess I'm getting old..losing my enthusiasm for a lot of things I once loved lately..along with my teeth,eyesight,physical stamina,and patience..

...today,I struggled with a 50' long roll of 6' chain link fence most of the day,that I used to enclose the greenhouse--ran short by six feet..I have more, but it's only 4' high..so I'll have to make do with what I have..by the time I was done, I felt ready for the ICU!..things go so slow working alone,and are much harder to do too..

So,another few days of agony before I can even plant anything in it!..I might have to stay in bed a few days and let my back heal before I attempt to finish it though--I can hardly move now....wind was blowing at 45 mph most of today,but at least we had no rain..

BUT,I still have a lot of other stuff to do around here..there are so many things "wrong" here,I just get overwhelmed ,when I look at them all..I'd like to box in under our deck,so I could use that space for storing stuff.

My garage needs paint bad,it's been peeling off for two years..took me a month just to patch up the rear wall,that carpenter ants and rot made into mush..not too many days, can I do that kind of work for more than a few hours, before the pain gets unbearable..it's very discouraging..

I have yet to remove or trim the "bushes" in front of our house that have become more like TREES in the 30 years they have been there too..been wanting to do something about them for months,but the weather has been lousy every day I was able to do it..they look horrible,and are hitting the house,and blocking the windows..now,wasps are building nests in them!..

I'd love to yank them out,but I doubt my truck could do it,I'd probably rip the truck apart with my luck--their trunks are 6" or more around--probably need a backhoe!..we had an underground oil tank near them we no longer use,and also have pre-cast concrete steps right next to them,so I suppose cutting them might be wiser than yanking them out..once they are gone or trimmed at least,the wrought iron railings they hide need to be sanded and painted again.. It never ends..

I also still have many bare spots in the lawn from my plow tearing the sod out..I made a half hearted attempt to "fix" them weeks ago,but they are still an eyesore..things are just now starting to bloom and turn green here,and my allergies are in full bloom as well..makes life no fun,that's for sure...especially when you have a bunch of daily "must do" chores, in addition to doing the things you want and need to get done.. I run out of steam quickly now..

Hang in there Herb..just don't hurt yourself!--I hear others tell me that a lot,but they never offer to help either..

I figure this might be my last year I'd be able to do this,so I had better do it while I still can..IF I can!..

I just wish my "laundry list" wasn't so long.
I have much more to do than I have listed here!..whether or not my back and arms will let me DO them is another story..

I haven't felt like sitting at the computer much lately,that is why I've been so absent here,it kills my back ,sometimes worse than doing bull work does..so it's not something I want to do for long,but I do miss posting here like I used too,and keeping up with the "regulars" here..hope everyone is doing OK..

I'd have to say that today was great!   We were super busy at the pharmacy, but I thrive off of that.  I like coming home absolutely exhausted from a day's work. 

My day is coming to an end now as I sit here eating some desert and laughing hysterically at Family Guy.

Life Is Good!!!

Dear Herby,

I just landed in San Diego after an exciting week of following another man's wife around the country.  He's a big, tough, handsome, muscular guy, so I'm really worried about what might happen to me if he finds out.  I've tried to stop chasing her around, but I just can't seem to quit.  She's only the most talented singer, musician, and bandleader in the entire universe.  It's almost like I'm addicted to her.  What should I do, Herby?

Landed in San Diego 

Jim Hughes
Wow...  Way too funny GLK!!!!

You know, security industry professionals say that there is usually safety in numbers.    Maybe if you search far and wide you might find others with the same problem that you have.    Banding together in unity might make life safer for you all in the future along the Bluegrass back roads and highways...  Not to mention a real pretty area in Missouri in July! 

Have a great day...

GLK...This question sounds more like an illness to me. Let's check with Dr. Herb, and maybe he has an answer for you.

Yes GLK, this is Dr. Herb...What you have described in your post is a classic illness. You have "Ragin' Fever" It is highly contageous, and there is no cure.  We usually recommend quarantine into large groups, a seaweed shake, and more RVR shows. This has been the only remedy that has had any success at all. It's very similar to the flu vaccine. What do they inject you with when you get the vaccine. That's correct, the flu virus that they are giving you a shot to prevent. More shows might help. Containment is crucial. Please stay with large groups of others with the same disease when in public places. As far as the "seaweed shake" goes, I just made that up. I'm not sure it will cure anything. Try more grease in your diet. It'll slick your hair down, and put a curl in your tail.

Thank You Dr. Herb....GLK, if you would like to sit down over dinner and discuss this further, at a place where they throw rolls, I'd be happy to buy. Talking about this can't hurt, not to mention you get a free dinner out of it. If not, listen to the Doctor. He has been around for many years, and has seen about everything.
I think the description of the husband is accurate. I've seen this guy, and he is everything you've said plus more.

Have a great day!!!!
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