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Please leave the Pirates out of this!!
Gary in San Diego
Not even close, Julia!

But Dawg, 1 of her dresses pays for 5 years worth of golf. I don't know. Giving RV free reign to shop is not good. Please Dawg and Tom don't encouRAGE her. She doesn't need it.
She owes UM way too much money in commission to be foolishly spending it on a dress she might wear once.
I'm sorry I have to trump you on this one.
The Ol' Dawg

Well, Herb, buddy - You KNOW that I "side up" with you about 99.9 % of the time. But, when it starts messin' with the Queen's dresses and Her tryin' to look as good as ONLY She can look - Well, I gotta swap sides on that one !!!   

The Ol' Dawg

And, by the way, Herb - You don't have to be concerned YET. I'm sure that one of the Queen's new dresses dudn't cost as much as a tank of gasoline.

Mike B

Just a thought Herb - you might splurge and buy the Queen a new raincoat.  Being the loving husband you are, you don't want the Queen to get wet and catch a cold when she feeds the cows in the rain.  Gotta keep her healthy for her weekend job!

Dear Herby and Dr. Herb,

First of all, let me say that that I greatly appreciate the new counselling services here at the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board.  The entire RV/UM empire has now become a convenient one-stop facility to meet the needs of all Rageland citizens.

Special thanks to Dr. Herb and Herby for the medical diagnosis and treatment program.  In the future, I will attempt to attend more RVR shows in order to improve my condition.  I might not get better, but just think of all the fun that I'll be having.

So I guess I'll just keep following my favorite singer around, but I'm still nervous about her big, tough, bodybuilder husband.  He won't even let her come anywhere near San Diego anymore.  Herby, is there any chance that you could talk to him about that?


Tom Alman
Well then! This is what we could do. If UM doesn't want to parley the cost of Rhonda's dresses, we could start a Rhonda dress fund! I'd kick in a couple of bucks for that. WOW! Is that UM ever tight with the money!

Kimberly Williams


She owes UM way too much money in commission to be foolishly spending it on a dress she might wear once.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Rhonda owes you commission??  All this time I thought we had to pay you in advance.  Are you kidding me??  That's it, I am telling our accountant to hold back on sending the commission.  I could use a few new dresses myself!!

Kimberly Williams

P.S.  Is anyone else concerned that since Herb has started hanging with the cows, he has a split personality?

Tom Alman
They don't call it mad cow desease for nothing LOL!!!

 I'm getting way behind here with my answers. Time to catch up.

Dawg...A tank full of diesel for the bus will equal 1 sleeve on a new dress for RV. But the gap is closing on the 2.

Mike B. I already have an old goretex rain suit for her to where when feeding the calves. The problem isn't the weather, it's snakes. She's afraid she might see, or step on 1.

Elusive...Keep working on that "obsessive compulsive Ragin' behavioral problem" you've been having. I think you'll be fine. I will also put a bug in that UM guy's ear about San Diego. There's no reason she couldn't be out there in January '09.

Kimberly...Now just hold on here for a minute. Let's not get too excited here, and forget to pay UM for all it's hard work. I've garnished RV's wages in order to catch up. She used her 2 daughters, and Yogi for collateral. I'm trying to....hold on the phone is ringing. "Upper Management this is Herb" "You would like to book Williams and Clark Expedition? You would like to pay them $20,000. I'm sorry, they couldn't possibly do that date for less than $25,000. You don't have that much? Well, give me a call when you can afford them."

Now, where were we....oh yes we were talking about paying commissions weren't we.....

Have a great y'all !!!!!!

Have a great DAY ya'll....this is what happens when Herby gets to talkin' about money. Especially spending, and not receiving.

Don A

They don't call it mad cow disease for nothing LOL!!! 

 Herb, remind me at Sally Mountain and I'll tell you why women can't get MAD COW disease.
I haven't been on here since I've worked the last 5 nights, with tonight's upcoming shift being my final one, in this block.  I'll post after tonight's shift and a bit of sleep.
Still thinking of another new chapter for the book.  I dream of  ideas while I'm sleeping. 
With "you know who"  around, I still have to sleep with one eye open, if you know what I mean.  I guess that's why I'm always tired.   Maybe time to send "you know who"  on a nice trip. (One way)

For our 25th Anniversary "you know who" had always wanted to go to China, so I sent her there ................. for our 30th I think I'll go back and get her. 
Time for sleep!



The Ol' Dawg

I could use a few new dresses myself!!  



Good thinkin', Kimberly - You would also look very nice in a new

dress !!!  Come to think of it, Julia probably needs a new one, as

well. I think it would be a wonderful thang for all of these exceptionally

talented and beautiful women to have new dresses and look their very

best - ESPECIALLY, if SOMEBODY ELSE is buyin' 'em !!!  


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