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Alvin Bressler
And, after all that you accompolished on Monday, during daylight hours, I just know you watched the Cardinals, whip up on the Padres, till close to midnight. Albert crushed that one homerun! WOW!!! Alvin

You're exactly right Alvin. I watched every pitch. Why can't that Cardinal team show up every night.

Ann A
Dear Herby: Don has been on nites and extremely busy "Snatching people from the Jaws of Death", that's what he likes to call it.  He hasn't seen your "I'm Pooped" thread.  I am sure if he had he would have written something.  Maybe I will wake him up just in time to shower and eat and then out the door.  I can only hope he is busy again tonite so he won't be on the computer and getting himself into any more trouble.   You two think way tooooooooo much alike.  Very SCARY. 
Dear Herby,

I'm exhausted from the long walk we made to the shopping district here in Calgary.  They have a very nice mall, and that mall had some very nice dresses.
The lady in the store said they all fit perfectly.

My muscles are so sore from carrying the many shopping bags all the way back to our hotel. We were forced to stop at the fusion restaurant here in the hotel, for a snack before we could ride the elevator back to our room to order room service.

My dilema is, what should we do now that we have all of these shopping bags, and no suitcase to put them in to bring back home?



Uncle Pen's Friend

Ann...Please wake Don...I think he is great contributor to site, and has great idea's about the new book. You know what they say..."smart minds think alike"

YLW...as for your situation, Dear Herby has the answer. Gather all the dresses, and walk back to the stores and return them. After doing so, send all your credit cards, cash, check book, and any other liquidable assets you may have to me. This will prevent this unfortunate event from happening again. Besides, the excersize is good for you. And quit eating so much, or you won't fit into the dresses you already have.
Kim from MO

Herb, Herb, Herb.....Sally Mountain can't come soon enough to get you and the rest of the boys lined out.....

Dear Herby,

I think your wife has failed your "How to be a wife" course with flying colors I'm proud of you Rhonda


Another course drop out

The Ol' Dawg

POOR BABY !!!  Don't you fret, Queen - If you need a "pack mule", call on the Ol' Dawg. I'll help you get those dresses to the airport, so that you can get 'em home. Herby can tote 'em into the house for you - If he's got time to play on the Message Board, he's got time to make like an Ol' Dawg and "fetch" for you !!!    

Charlie K

Dawg, you're sounding very familiar: "If you have time to play on that message board, then you have time for ____________ and ___________ and __________ and _____________.

Dawg, you don't understand how this works. If you tell her it's OK to bring these new dresses home, then she'll have to go shopping again to buy a suitcase to put them in. This will also give her another opportunity to buy more dresses. Which means she'll have to back and get another suitcase. Do you see a pattern here? Are you starting to understand how this works? If you give her an inch, she'll take a mile...or 2. There's no end to her shopping. She has to be monitored on her shopping trips.
Dawg, I hate to throw wet blanket on you, but it's better than a shock collar.
The Ol' Dawg

Charlie - I hope, for your sake, that "Queen Sally" dudn't get a look at that comment !!!   

The Ol' Dawg

But, I DO understand, Herby. Dresses can't cost much more than a round of golf - I used to try to play it with my brother, but, when I realized how expensive it was, and that I didn't enjoy it as much as fishin', I headed back to the lake. Dresses sounds like a "business expense", and a "tax write-off" to me. Did I say that right, Queen ?   

Tom Alman
Boy those Dawgs sure know how to suck up  Buy all the dresses you want Rhonda! I'd much rather see you in them as opposed to Herb in farmer pants LOL! How did I do Mike!!!

Answer for the Answer Man (Post #17):

Because they aren't playing the worst team in Major League Baseball every night!!!!!!!!
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