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Alvin Bressler

I cleaned 18 Crappie this morning, & yes, that sounds like a perfect supper to me. Go Missou! Alvin

Wow...FRESH Crappie. Yummy.

What time is dinner Alvin?  Maybe we can make it down in time.

Unfortunately, our crappie didn't thaw in time.
We "ate out" and it was ICK.

I ended up having toast & tea.

Happy Fishing!!  

Alvin Bressler

I mean, Go Missouri! Alvin

Alvin Bressler

I'm cooking Fish for the Wednesday night Church attenders tomorrow evening. Alvin


I just found a song called "Ding Dong Daddy" by the Light Crust Doughboys while working on my radio show.    

Mike Garlock
Hi Cawtney,

    Us Northerner's are known for being smart, but I wouldn't go there.  Mike G.
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