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Countdown to CHRISTmas Contest!!!

Meet Joy & Nick.....

Each day, Joy & Nick will have something new they are thankful for.

It could be something serious, funny, or totally random. This is all for fun!

See if you can guess what they are thankful for, as they spend Christmas at Rhonda Vincent's home, and watch the activities, as Rhonda & Herb decorate for Christmas. 

Post your guess under this thread, here at http://www.rhondavincent.com

One name will be chosen from each day's "Joy & Nick's Thankful Phrases", to win fun prizes!

 (You MUST include your email address on the log in screen (not within your message), so that we may contact you for your address, to send your prize, if you are a  Countdown to Christmas Contest Winner!)


Of course Joy and Nick are thankful for the perfect gift of Christ!!!

Today Joy and Nick are thankful for the wonderful first snow of the season!


The 2 nutcrackers are thankful for someone buying them and making them be a couple.

Joy and Nick are thankful you are home for the holidays.


Why they are happy that they have their first snow, of course!

jeff crume
thankful for loving freinds and family
Karla Baker
Joy and Nick are thankful to be inside your home visiting and not out in the weather today.

Ron Kisiah

I would think they could be thankful for most of the things most people are thankful for during this blessed time of the season. Since they seem to be part of the "NutCracker" family, I would think they may be thankful for not having to crack all those Pecans, Walnuts, Brazillians, and Almonds.

Joy and Nick are thankful today ,that there was a beautiful snow for Tensel's Birthday! 

Nick and Joy, though just little toys
are thankful to be
on the Vincents' Christmas tree!

today they're thankful to be made of wood because they're standing in the snow, lol

Chelle Love
Today, they are thankful for their pretty coats to help keep them warm on this blizzard of a cold, cold day )

Today they're thankful that 'Christmas Time's a Comin'

Chelle Love
They are most thankful that in 14 days they will be at the manger of Baby Jesus to bring him their gifts to their newborn king )
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