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Savannah P

I think today they are thankful for the invention of Bluegass and how we can use it to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Joyce Mullen

Joy and Nick are thankful  that they get spend Christmas with such a wonderful and caring person.


Joy and Nick are thankful for Martha Whites Self Rising Flour to make warm biscuits on a snowy December day.

John w Jones

Joy and Nick are thankful for the warm house and all the pretzels they can eat while they enjoy the season.

Joanne Hebert

  Joy & Nick are thankfull for their cape!  To keep warm!



Louis Gentile
THEY ARE THANKFUL FOR baby Jesus and giving of gifts to him
I think they are thankful that there are no woodpeckers in the trees.
Joy & Nick are thankful they are going  for their hair stylist appointments tomorrow at 9:00 AM sharp!!!!
"I can't do a thing with this hair.........yeah and these sideburns are itching me to death!!
CONGRATULATIONS ROGER!!!  You are today's WINNER for using the keyword     "tree" in your post. 

Joy  & Nick are thankful that......
Dear Herby finally brought our Christmas tree upstairs!!  

Joy & Nick are holding your prize in this photo....it's  a Christmas Tree Pin.  
They will mail it to you, as soon as they get your address!!

Thanks  everyone for posting your thankful guesses.  Our Countdown to Christmas Contest Continues.......



Joy....."I'm so thankful for these thermal pantyhose; I'm toasty warm even standing in this freezing cold snow."

Nick....."You are having a thermal illusion, because I forgot to replace the batteries last week like you ask me to." "I'm thankful your arms are frozen rigid at the moment!!!"

Savannah P

I think they are thankful for the wonderful angel that is keeping them warm through this countdown.

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