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Uncle Pen's Friend

I think Joy & Nick are thankful that Dear Herby decorated the Christmas tree LOL

Carol Cox

Since Dear Herby finally brought up the Christmas tree, I think Nick and Joy are thankful today that the decorating can begin!  Wonder if it will be a Star or an Angel for the top?


Today Joy & Nick are thankful that Herby cleared the driveway ,so Rhonda could finish buying the decorations for the house. & that Herby  went to his in-laws and put up their tree today!!


Today they're thankful for the smell of Christmas cookies baking.


Something I`ve wondered: Do female nutcrackers crack nuts with their breasts???

Never really seen one until that photo got posted.    

Tammy the Teacher

I think they are thankful that they have a "Good Thing Going"

They are thankful for all the beautiful ornaments that will adorn the tree.
CONGRATULATIONS to Tammy The Teacher!! 

Joy & Nick are so thankful that Carolyn has a Good Thing Going,
and is doing so well after her surgery.

And it was a good thing they went with Carolyn today for her check up, to make sure she was in good hands. 

Joy & Nick presenting Tammy's Countdown to Christmas Prize - a note pad

They'll send it as soon as we receive your address!!  

Thanks to everyone for your participation.  Watch for a special trivia question for Friday's contest. 

A special weekend trivia riddle.
 Email your answer to     rhonda@rhondavincent.com  
for your chance to win a prize in our Countdown to Christmas Contest:

Joy & Nick they went on a trip;
A place of a Christmas color.
A town at the top from Ragin' Live;
Where Rhonda visits her father & mother.

Watch for more photo hints throughout the weekend!
Did the nurse check them for termites ???    

Hi Carolyn, you are the "winner" today, for looking so good after your surgery, love the smile on your face. So glad you are doing better.    Whitey and Linda

They are thankful to have such wonderful parents who live in beautiful GREENTOP, MO.

Joy & Nick are thankful today for the beautiful sunshine. & for the snow getting just right for sledding!!


Joy & Nick are thankful today  ..that Herby has 12 more days to buy Rhonda's Anniversary present!

Oh!! Glory I forgot they do have a anniversary coming up!! Thanks for reminding us, and also I think that was great!  you sending them a Christmas package, you are a sweet and thoughtful person, those cookies looked so good, they just wanted to hop out of our comp.,  and in to our mouth, lol.   Take care and have a great day all.
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