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Nick is thankful that Joy really likes his moustache.

I'm thankful for your post Gloria...REMINDING Dear Herby that he has an anniversary coming up!!  
Joy and Nick are thankful for the green tree
Amydell Burns

Be thankful that you get a green top instead of a lump of coal in your sock.

Hint #4


They're thankful to be home with the family

Congratulations to Victor Minicozzi!  Victor is the winner of our Weekend Triva - Countdown to Christmas Contest!!  

As you can see from the photo, Joy & Nick traveled to Greentop, Missouri.

Stopped by the water tower, the Greentop Park, and to the residence of the Sally Mountain Park Bluegrass Festival coordinators   "Johnny & Carolyn Vincent".     http://www.sallymountainshow.com                
 Carolyn is recuperating nicely,  and Johnny seems to be taking good care of her. 

Thanks to each of you for your participation in our Holiday fun!

Today, we will resume our Countdown to Christmas Contest, by posting here on this link, what Joy & Nick are thankful for today????

Savannah P

I think their thankful for Alvin and the Chipmunks!!!!!! hahaha "We can hardlyy stand the waaaaaiiiit please Christmas don't be laaaaaaaaaaate!" lolzz


Joy  & Nick are thankful today for all the great gift idea from the ragers this will make gift buying easier.

Mary G
This is the first time I have been on the message board for a long time and Jim said "You get on the mb everyday all day long from now on! That's the first time I've heard you laugh and it sounds so good You need that mb!" Maybe this is the wrong place to post this as these are my words not Nick and Joy but thanks to so many for sending get well, Christmas cards, well wishes, etc. I am much blessed for my association with The Ragin family! Carolyn looks so good I hope that pretty picture is not deceiving and that she really is feeling better! I'm still in the process of recuperating but I WILL GET THERE! Love to all! Sincerely Mary Goodman
Hi Mary!  great to see you posting again!  I hope that you start feeling better very soon!  We've got some cruising to do!!!
Hi Mary!!  Great to see you posting!   I'm up early to take Mom to a Dr. appointment.   Dad ran out of grapes.    So I'm gonna replenish his stock today.  Hang in there......
Are you going to sample the grapes before you buy them??  
Savannah P

I think Joy and Nick are thankful for...candy canes! They are great for eating AND decorating!!! hahaha i mean HOHOHO!


Joy & Nick are thankful today that Carolyn had a good DR report & that  it's time for Sally & Tensel to come home & 1 week til Christmas ! HO!!HO!!

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