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Uncle Pen in PA

No more need be said!!!

First Herb, now you Uncle Pen??? At least we've been putting fear into the Cards and Phils by ALMOST coming back to win
Would have never figured this one out, if Julia had not replied.
Uncle Pen in PA

By the way Julia...   I was Nate McLouth was doing really well and added him to my fantasy team....    He's been 0-40 since then!!!!


at least it wasn't me this time, lol

That's what you get for choosing a Pirate Actually I think you'll be fine with Nate. I look for him to really have a great season, he's just going through a slump right now. He has been fighting for years to get his chance to be a starter and I know he will make the most of it.

he had a great game defensively

Uncle Pen

Julia,      He could have waited one more day!!!!!!!

Uncle Pen's Friend
Does Uncle Pen need a "Terrible Towel"?     ooops wrong sport, but it will do the trick

Yeah I was thinking that maybe you shouldn't have been complaining about Nate's lack of hitting until AFTER this series Though I'm not complaining
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