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Here we are, once again working in the studio, to complete the Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent duet project. 

I have only a few lines left to sing, then the rest will be up to Dear Herby for mixing everything into the perfect musical recipe. 

And in addition to mixing the music, Dear Herby prepared a delicious meal for us; and unfortunately, the dishwasher broke, after he had used every pan, dish, and utensil at the studio; and now has the dreaded "DISH PAN HANDS". 

The meal was wonderful, and a welcome break from the quick sandwiches we had been running to find for some quick nutrition, before we continued to record.

So my first quest this morning, is to find a new dishwasher.  I'm thinking I might as well get a new refrigerator, stove, and washer/dryer too; since these appliances have been here since we bought the studio!    

So off to the appliance store, and back real soon to sing my last few lines.

Have a great week....and we'll hope to see you in PA and TN this weekend!

God Bless You!

Mary C.
Good luck appliance shopping! Does Herb know all the things you plan to purchase? He might not let you out the door with the credit card.   See you this weekend. 
Mary C.
Mary G

I was wanting to go RVing this weekend and catch the 3 shows I saw listed. It would be an approximate total of 43 1/2 hours driving, 2682 miles and about $284 in gas let alone meals, lodging, etc. Guess that probably won't be happening, DARN!! My thoughts are in that direction anyway! Mary C aren't you in Lancaster? Do you and Jim have front row seats reserved?

Good thing I seen this in time and sent out an alert for Herby. All in all, a great day's work and doing what I can for my fellow man
Dear Herby
Thanks for the "heads up" Chrystall. I knew she slipped out of here rather quietly this morning, and she did it in MY vehicle!!! I may have to use my veto power on the stove, fridge, and washer and drier. Did enough dishes by hand over the weekend. I think I'll go along with the dish washer though.

Hows that for multi tasking boys...mixing music...cooked supper for 4 ppl....cleaned up afterwards. Did it all with the BB games going on the tube, and one hand tied behind my back.

Awesome baby!!!
What an enjoyable weekend for college basketball.     Missourians were surely laughing their heads off at KU losing to #11 VCU.
Thanks alot Chris!   I received a call from Dear Herby...LUCKILY  after all purchases were made! 

After a very disappointing morning of shopping.....every store I encountered had a 3 week wait for delivery and installation.

And THEN.....I met Steve at H H Gregg at 100 Oaks Mall!  Steve not only fixed me up with a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and a new washer and dryer!!

And the best part.....they will be installed TOMORROW at 6am!!!

So Dear Herby and I have lots of work to do tonight to prepare the house for all the new items!!  I'm SO excited!!!  


  Way to go Rhonda, this is not the time of the Horse&Buggy,you make it ,you spend it.You work very hard at your job.You make a lot of people happy. Whitey!!!!


She brings home the "Bacon" she can buy a stove, refrigerator, dish washier, shoes  ect. Rhonda I have your back!

Thanks Suzy Q!!! 


Truth is she could probably buy the whole store!   lol

Dear Herby
P-L-E-A-S-E...Whitey and Sassy....she needs no encouragement.

Excuse me for a moment. I'm feeling ill.
Jean M
Oh now see, Rhonda, I would have slipped into a store at the mall and also purchased a new purse and/or a new pair of shoes to reward myself for the successful purchase of the appliances if I had been you... 
Need my help Whitey and Susan??!
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