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Herby, just remember dont get too upset when the credit card bill comes. Just remember that is why I suggested the idea that you book Rhonda to appear at various college football games this coming season. Just think of the fun she will have and the bills will be taken care of.
Dear Herby
HOLD EVERYTHING.....Sassy, Julia, SC, you guys are gettin' out of hand. If she buys all the things you want her to get, this means I have to work harder booking more dates. I know y'all don't want poor Herby to work his fingers to the bone. You end up with boney fingers when you do this. Besides, it might affect my golf game. No, we can't have this "run away spending" like you are suggesting. We must learn to keep spending under control, or raise dues on the fan club memberships.  
Since the Executive Office resides in Kirksville, and the person MANning it has control of the recliner and the remote, all spending decisions must be ratified through Dear Herby. This is Democracy at work. This way, we can keep membership dues at bay. In this economy, we don't need to be raising dues.

Can I get an AMEN on this?
Oh goodness no I wouldn't want poor Herby working harder than he already does (yeah I can't believe I just typed that either )  Or did I mean hardly working??  

Important note for Fan Club Members.....Dear Herby has no control over your Fan Club Dues so don't take his threats seriously

Herby....shouldn't you be mixing that new CD, and cooking Rhonda a full course meal??
I just love days when I can give Herby a hard time.  I will be nice to him though, I have decided that for the 2011 baseball season, I am going to be a fan of the Cardinals.  Don't thank me Herb!
gene mccullar

rhonda got a lot of new stuff . i suppose she needed them.i wonder if dear hubby got a new set of golf clubs for his time and effort on the project. i played golf today in memphis tn i shot  100 for 18.

Dear Herby
Gene, let me answer that....NO, didn't get new clubs. These are at least 10 yrs. old. You reckon Rhonda has any dresses that old? Shoes? anything? The answer once again is NO!!!!

Thanks for your concern!!! I'll get out of this jail I'm in, that they call a studio, and get a round in one of these days....soon!!!!
The Ol' Thrifty Dawg
Runaway spending ?
Is the Queen a Liberal Democrat ?  
New this and New that could lead to New husband if Y'all end up in the Poorhouse  . . . The Queen Of Opulence is NOT a good title to have.
Don't worry, Herb - Some of us have got your back. Unfortunately, it's probably in hock 'til you get enough money to get it back !!!   
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