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Sure Julia!!

DEAR HERBY...you're gonna feel SO much better when you see all our new pretty appliances in the morning at 6am!!! 
Jim G

Herby, Herby whats this I read about cooking, cleaning you need  to read your book somehow u have missed this chapter. You are making the rest of us look bad!

Dear Herby
Jimmy G...This just goes to prove when a man get's hungry, he'll do anything. It shows resourcefulness, and demonstrates great leadership within the family. He shouldn't have to resort to this, as the woman should recognize when it's time to eat, her place is in the kitchen. But, when all else fails, do it yourself.

This also serves another purpose. It's instructional to the female of the family. The wealth of knowledge she gains by observing is monumental, and can be useful in the future.
  Herb,are you sure about this?How many times have you slept on the MW bus?   Whitey!!
Dear Herby...I think the only wealth of knowledge she gained from your lesson was that HH Gregg can deliver a whole houseful of appliances the day after she buys them!!
The NEW Dishwasher is here!!!

And I really DO need a new pair of shoes.  Looks like a good reason to go shopping!!! 

Mike G.
Only one Pair?  Sorry Herby it was there...
You have THREE shows this weekend, I think you need THREE new pairs of shoes!!!
Vicki Ruser

hey rhonda~looking forward to seeing you this weekend in PA...my boyfriend kevin and i met at one of your concerts last year...you are very special to us~vicki

I like the way you think Prez!!!  

If only I could get all my singing done on this project.....I'd be free to shop. 

Maybe I can finish today.

YES  finish singing then you'll have two whole days to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!  I'll bet you can find some great stores in Nashville!!!!  Herby can fix supper for you so you can have a home cooked meal after wearing yourself out shopping!!

I think you need 3 new dresses also!!!!

You're right Sassy...I mean you can't wear brand new shoes with an old dress!  And a new ring and necklace would round out the look!!
Rhonda, you work so hard at what you do. I remember after one of your recent shows, you signed for 3 and a half hours. Rhonda you make alot of fans happy and you deserve new shows, new dresses and a new PEN! Have fun shopping....again!!!!
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