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Dear Mr. President,

I have a plan to stimulate the economy and not have to bailout big business.

There are 40 million ppl over the age of 50 still in the work force. Let's give each person 1 million dollars with the following stipulations:

They must all take early retirement to receive this money...This will eliminate the unemployment rate, by creating 40 million jobs for those under the age of 50.

10 million of those must buy a new car. This will no doubt help Detroit.

10 million must pay off any existing mortgage they may have. (help the banks)

10 million must buy a new house, and pay for it in cash. (Probably somewhere warm) This will surely help the housing industry.

10 million must spend a minimum of $50,000 in the stock market or some other frivolous way to help spur on the economy.

The rest of the money they get to keep and along with their retirement, savings, (no penalties for early with drawl)and any other resources they may have live their golden years with more than they ever thought they might have.

In other words give the peoples money back to them instead of big business, and lets see if we can fix all the financial problems of this great country.

This could really work!!! Rhonda could perform when and where she wants for the rest of her life...admission is free!!!!!!!!
Gloria Boyd
HERBY, I'll be waiting at the MAILBOX!!!

Sweet Brenda
Herb, you and Calvin thinks the same way.  This sounds great to me so put it in the mail.

 Hit the Nail head on Herb,


I could handle that........... time to retire RIGHT now!!!

Jim & Mary

Your idea has our vote--we'd definitely travel to see Rhonda at festivals more, which is our ideal retirement. The Goodmans

Mike Garlock
Hi Herb,

    I can't wait to here the Left Coast rebuttal if he ever gets out of Bed!  Mike G.
This reply is dedicated to the legendary MG Hammer.

I am completely opposed to any plan which allows the federal government to tell us how to spend our money.  I like the idea of RHONDA playing free shows, though.  That will make it much easier to accumulate Rager Points.  I could beat Susan nine times out of ten.

Now, back to bed.....
I'm thinking about running for President in 2012. With this stimulus package, I think even I could win in a land slide.

Please send you campaign contributions to:


One thing you forgot, Herb! Prices need to be frozen at the current rates or "Corporate America" will increase prices so fast your $1,000.00 might buy you a bag of "fries and a Big Mac".  But you are definitely on the right track, but running for Prez............"Him"

Charlie K

More outstanding advice from Herby. You have my support! I only have one concern, Herb. You said in your advice column that you did not like apple pie. It's hard to imagine a true patriot that doesn't like apple pie.  You know...baseball, motherhhood, Chevrolet, Fox News, apple pie.... Since your doing well on the others, I think I will overlook the apple pie and vote for you anyway.


I do like hot dogs, pecan pie, banana creme, Chocolate, peach, etc.. surely 1 of those will work. I realize change is something most folks don't like, but sometimes is necessary.

In my proposed economy, gas will never get over $2.00 per gallon. Diesel the same. This will hold, or bring down the cost of goods and services, since most are shipped via trucks. Oil speculators will have no reason to mess with the price of crude. 20 more refineries will be built to make more gas.

50 new nuclear plants will be built across the country for cheaper and cleaner energy. Coal will be cleaned and used as fast as they can mine it.

Off shore drilling will be allowed for crude.

"Him" we cannot freeze prices since this is capitalist society. We'll just make it to where you won't need to raise prices to make a nice profit. You do that by doing what I explained above.

By reducing our dependence on foreign oil, putting America back to work, and bolstering the economy with tax payers money spent by the tax payers, you should see things turn around quickly.

Remember, it's like a dog chasing its tail. When 1 thing goes up, it effects everything else. Cut the snakes head off, and he can't bite you anymore.

The American people are the only ones that can turn this around. Not the Government. Not big business.

"Dear Herby" for President 2012.....
Sorry Dear Herby, we only have room for ONE Prez here....and I'm IT!!!!

You can be the secretary of the Treasury. No skimming

Glk will be my VP. and in charge of tatoo removal on the beaches of San Diego.

Hammer will be in charge of defense, and driving nails. His lovely wife Brenda will be sent to California monthly to sample the grapes at the winerys.

Charlie K...Homeland security. He should know something about that with his geographical experiences.

Agent 86 will be in charge of Foreign Affairs.

Mary Clifford will preside over congress. She's good at deciding who gets in, and who doesn't.

Charles Flannery will be the Secretary of State. He's the best salesman in the world. Look who he married.

Big Jim will head up the Secret Service. He's qualified.

Secretary of the Bluegrass Cruise will go to Susan. She's perfect for that.

Secretary of Entertainment will be done by committee. Courtney, Sweet Brenda and Him will chair this.

The head chef for the President will of course be Katie, with assistance from my Mother in Law.

Herb Sandker Sr. will head up the fisheries dept.

Martha White will be known worldwide and in every home.

The rest of the folks over the age of 50 will be retired, but could hold a cabinet post if so desired.

My door will always be open and full disclosure of all decisions will be on the internet.

Hey Herb,

How about some help for the "younger" folks?

I read an article not long ago about canceling some of the student loan debt to help people stimulate the economy instead of these "stimulus checks".  Let's look at it this way:

*I will owe $175,000 by the time I finish my PharmD.

*I will be making around $100,000 a year depending on where I work

*I will likely be paying $1000-$2000 a month to pay back my loans for a loooonnnnggg time.

*If my student loans were either erradicated or reduced SIGNIFICANTLY, I could use that $1000-$2000 a month to...uhh..i dunno...STIMULATE THE ECONOMY!

So anyway, if we can help the older crowd and the younger crowd, we'd be in good shape!

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