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The one thing I did learn in Economics last year was that paying back debt only hurts the economy.  So, let's just erradicate it.   I can guarantee you that the stimulus check I will be getting will be used to pay back my credit card instead of buying something.
Courtney, you have a cabinet post.

The rest of the younger generation will have good paying jobs since all of us old folks have retired.

Younger people must learn...You have to pay your debts. If you buy it, you have to pay for it. I did, and so have many others before me. No getting
around this.

I'm sorry, your request for a full pardon has been denied.
Robert Hall

Since I turned 50 last August,and am currently living off part of my cashed in IRA money,that MIGHT last me a few months,then I'm doomed--you have MY vote!..
I can't WAIT to be retired!..
(well,I am already I guees,being unemployed and unable to hold a job in my present condition--so it wont be a big life altering event for me!)..


idea: And RHONDA would be the "FIRST LADY"!..the first one I'd go see,after I get my first check!..

Only ONE thing about your plan that wont let it ever happen..

That's something Washinton has NEVER been able to do,anything that makes sense,and helps AMERICANS..they'ed rather hand our money out to other countries and people who abuse welfare and food stamp programs and live here illegally..

I heard the amount of money the "Stimulus" bill involves is enough to give every man,woman,and child on the PLANET--not just the USA--over 17,000 dollars!..I'd even settle for that right about now,seeing they wont give me my SSI money I paid into the system back for another 15 years..be long dead by then I bet..

You have my vote too.  And, when (not if) you are elected in 2012, if any congress person should try to pass bills that you deem unfair, don't forget to call on Vito, or is that Veto?  Whatever it is, call on me!  I'll make them an offer they can't refuse.  "Mr. or Ms. Congressman, either we stamp out your bill, and you agree and go away, or no more Rhonda concerts for you and your families and next of kin!"  No congressperson is his or her right state of mind would refuse!

So now you need to start thinking about your campaign, your campaign manager, a campaign song, we need banners, buttons, TV ads, radio ads, etc.  And for your VP, I suggest Julia.

Thanks Vito for your vote of confidence. My cabinet had already been selected, (See page 1 of this post) but I could make room for a Vito (veto)person. Since Mary C is in charge of the congress, I don't think she will let anybody in there, that will make bad policy. If they do, she will show them the door.


I like it!  Finally a plan that makes sense and we can get behind.  What all is involved in having a special election?  Time to end this nonsense and get someone in that will make a differience.  You have my vote!

MO Mary
Herby, you are confused, 50 is too young to retire. The powers that be are trying to get people to work until they are 70. I happen to know that 60 is the ideal age to retire.

Sounds like you are moving faster in selecting your cabinet than Obama did. Good luck, but a couple of them may not be suited for the job.


I completely agree.... and I supported the President, too.

I firmly believe that working men and women could handle the crisis more responsibly than their own senators, congressmen, and state officials.

I don't even need a million to clear my debts, pay off a credit union loan, and make some sound investments... like owning something rather than renting as I have for 40 years of my life. $500,000 would do just fine - I'll split it with you!

I feel like Ellen Corby in "It's a Wonderful Life" during the bank run scene, when George uses his honeymoon money to help everyone out:

"Could I have $13.22, please?"


Dear Herby,

That was a hilarious joke about nuclear power being clean and cheap.  For a brief moment, I almost thought that you were serious, but then I realized that nobody could be that far removed from reality. 

When we build 50 more fiascos.....uh, I mean plants.....we can just pass along the billions of dollars in cost overruns to the consumers.  That's what the nuclear power industry has always done in the past.  Who needs free market capitalism when there's money to be made off of the backs of the hard-working AMERICAN citizens?  Oh, and don't worry about all of that radioactive waste.  We'll just dump it in the Chariton River.

Herby, I have a feeling that you're going to start catching some really BIG FISH!  Sorry about Charles and Gary, though.

Herby, thank you very much for the vice-presidential nomination.  Tattoo removal is a very important cause for me.  I've already set up a commission to study the situation more closely and we had a meeting at the beach today.  It looks like it may cost a little more than we initially anticipated. 

Considering which vice-presidential candidate you voted for in November, I'm worrried that I won't measure up to your high standards.  I really thought that she turned the election around when McCain selected her.  I still don't know how Obama convinced him to do that.  As you know, I'm one of her biggest fans.  I thought that she would have been a billion times better than the international outlaw that you voted for in 2004.  Anyway, I'm ready for the campaign and I've already got my lines down:

I'm a maverick, doggone it, I'm a maverick, goshdarnit, I'm a maverick, Joe Six-Pack, I'm a maverick, youbetcha, I'm a maverick.....

Unfortunately, the winking thing isn't going nearly so well!


Now Gary, quit your liberal whining. We all know that's what the desert is for.

Now I put you on the ticket because of your wit, knowledge, and baby kissing skills. Just fall in with me big boy....I'll take you to the promise land.

I do expect you to canvas the beach area in SOCAL and recruit voters. I also expect you to recruit the state of Ohio very hard. We all know Ohio can be a swing state.

You need to conceal that liberal attitude, or we'll never win the south.

I'm thinking of calling our party the Rager Party. Affiliation and dues are cheap, and Julia can keep track of donations that way.

I'll send Brenda Garlock to the California winerys to secure votes.

Pennsylvania shouldn't be a problem. Got lots of Ragers up there.

Agent 86 will take care of the write in votes north of the border.

Mike G. has NY covered.

I'll take care of Florida, the Bahama's, Cancun, Aruba, Saint Marteen, and Jamaica Mon in the winter time. I'll move north as the temps rise. Maybe just follow the geese migration.

Katie is just dieing to get to the White House and cook, so she should have the northwest covered.

I do have concerns in the mountain states. Maybe Rhonda can take care of that. Do a train tour. Play a little grass at each stop. Stump for votes.

I'm thinking with my bailout plan, I have a good chance of winning Illinois. I know Michigan will support my plan.

So you see Gary, I think I have most things covered. All you have to do is be like Joe Biden....smile a lot, and don't say much, even when asked.
"Secretary of the Bluegrass Cruise will go to Susan. She's perfect for that." 

Mr. Herby I would love to serve as the Secretary of the Bluegrass Cruise!

Thank You Sir!! 




I'd be careful if I were you. While yours is a brilliant plan, it's not gonna set well with the Friends of Barack. They will tell you in no uncertain terms that he is the smartest man on the planet, therefore what he is doing should be unquestioned at any level.

Unfortunately, capitalists (producers) like you and I are becoming dinosaurs and will practically be extinct within 4 years.

Without getting in too deeply here, the bottom line is that sanity has left the building known as The White House.

- Bama

ET in Texas
Being from Texas I know well the importance of a good band for a campaign. If W. Lee O'Daniel could use The Light Crust Doughboys to get elected Governor of Texas, I see no reason why you can't use Rhonda and The Rage to get elected President. Just get in the Martha White Bluegrass Express and stop at every Walmart, play some great Bluegrass, pass out some recipes, kiss a few babies, tell some jokes, and stay away from any issues and you are in. It is the perfect plan. Just remember your wife is your best asset.
Thanks ET...I couldn't agree more!!!!

Bama, I think if I give a million bucks to all those over 50 to retire, and do what they're supposed to, I can beat Barack in Illinois as well. Now that Acorn is being investigated, and found to have committed voter fraud in 27 (more or less) states, I don't think I will need to worry about them anymore. They make Karl Rove look like a choir boy.

With the Rager vote, and a Kennedy on the ticket, how can I lose!!!!!

Herby/Kennedy for President 2012!!!!

PS. My cabinet appointees have already accepted their positions.
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