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Funny, I noticed today, the 2 best teams in the National League, also have the 2 best records. The Phillies and the Cardinals. How are the rest of the teams of interest doing?????

Yankees? Their in 2nd place. Still trailing a team with about a tenth of their payroll.
How 'bout those Cubbies???? Near familiar territory (the bottom of their division)
Pirates?? See the same answer as above.
Royals?? Last place.

Life is good!!! Cardinals are in 1st...Cubs and Pirates only have to leap frog the Stros to get in the basement. Golf tournament this weekend. SDC next week. Had a juicy bar-b-qued sirloin for supper. Yep, life is good.

Think I'll turn the tube on, get a tooth pick, and watch the Cardinals.

How's your team doing?
Hmmm....can we talk shopping instead?!
I wouldn't be too proud of the games against the Pirates Herby.  We handed those to you  Pretty bad fundamental baseball.  Still we had you worried in the first game didn't we LOL

The Pirates have some good young talent, so don't be surprised if I get my trusty old Pirates sweeping the Cards broom photo out of storage later this year
gene mccullar

i am with you herby go cardinals  i will have to pull for the memphis redbirds as i live in memphis tn.courtney i hope you were talking about shopping for cardinals gear.  i will see rhonda in silver dollar city on the 18th i gotta go watch the cardinals julia become a cardinal

Whitey & Linda

uh! Herb, lets not talk baseball ok,  how is your golf game doing? or how is your fishing going (since your dad out did you) on your family outing. Anything but, baseball!! that kind of makes me sick to my stomach, know what I mean Herb?    Have a nice day.    Linda

Oh I've got an idea!  Let's talk football!  GEAUX SAINTS!!

This is the one time I've got a sports team that I'm not ashamed to be a fan of.
Mike Garlock

    The Yanks have a 21-10 Record and the Cards have a 20-13 Record and you bring up second Place?  We are gonna open a Can on Detroit tonight with a Double Header Spankin'!  Mike G.

Well Julie....considering that the Bucks sweep the Reds in mid-April, We're hopeing that will win again today (So far 4-0 Reds, right now....we're playin' a business man's special in Pitts. today). Hopefully we'll sweep this time!!  Now if we can figure out how to get Albert Pouls (Cardinal's 1st baseman) out, we might have a chance!!  We play the Cardinals this coming weekend, and I'm going to Sunday's game.

Uncle Pen
All is well here, as Phillies have hit their stride again.  Pitching starting to snap into shape and our first baseman is signed for many years in the future!!!

Why would anyone watch major league baseball when there are basketball games on TV every night?  Why would anyone watch golf when there's much more excitement on the Home Shopping Channel?

But since you asked......

This has been the craziest race ever, with all ten teams still having a shot at the Big 10 championship.  Wisconsin doesn't have a team, so there are only ten teams in the Big 10.  I know, it's very confusing.  With six games remaining in the regular season, here are the standings:

 Big TenOverall
1.  michigan10-8.55629-17.630
5.  OHIO STATE9-9.50025-19.568
7.  Michigan State8-10.44429-16.644
     Penn State8-10.44421-25.457

The Big 10 tournament begins on May 26 in beautiful Columbus, OHIO.
Dear Herby
Ah yes, my lil' buddy from the left coast magically appears. Does anybody but you watch the NBA? Those athletes can't shoot, can't dribble, or gaurd anyone. It's slama jama, after you violate the rules by taking 10 steps without putting the ball on the floor. It's not a foul unless you decapitate someone. It's a joke!!! Might as well put the Globetrotters on TV. I'd much rather watch them. At least they will entertain you, and make you laugh.
Golf is not something I would expect you to understand or watch. It's a gentlemans sport.
The Big 10???? Well, remember a few months ago when I mentioned they were thinking of expanding, and Mizzou was one of the teams they wanted? You said I was crazy....Have you been hearing anything lately? I hope it doesn't happen. I would hate for Mizzou to take a step backwards. But, rumors are Mizzou, Notre Dame, possibly Nebraska and Rutgers are headed the Big 10's way starting in 2012 to legitimize that conference. Hopefully it's only a rumor!!!!

Uncle, it pains me to admit that the Phillies took 2 out of 3 from my beloved Cardinals, but they did. There's no question the Phils and the Cards are the 2 best teams in the Senior circuit. If all goes according to plan, they will meet in the NLCS, to see who plays the Rays in the WS. (Garlock will love that last statement...LOL)


There is no answer for Sir Albert. Teams have been trying to figure that out for 10 years. He's in a bit of a funk right now, but look out when he gets it dialed in. He's by far the best baseball player in the majors.

Go Cardinals!!!!!
Hmmmm Albert struck out alot against a lowly Pirates pitching staff
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    I thought I would enlighten you with some Facts.  The NY Yankee's can pay ther Players more money because they Charge more to get in to see there Game's.  They also make more money on TV with the YES Network than other Teams.  Everything also costs more in NYC.  There are only two places I have paid more the $8.00 for a Cheeseburger---NYC and the Artic Circle on a Caribou Hunt.  Rhonda Vincent and the Northern Lights were both worth it!  Mike G.
Dear HErby
Now I know why property taxes are so high in NY city and state. I remember the day Ozzie Smith signed a million dollar contract. I said it then, and I'll say it now, no baseball player is worth that kind of money.

Need a salary cap of 50 million per team. Ticket prices would drop. Hot dogs would be cheaper. Parking would be free. And NY property taxes would fall in line with N'eastern Missouri. LOL  We could probably afford our own health care....wooops did I say that????????
Mike Garlock
Morning Doc,

    I intended to Post the Link to MLB Saleries, but I forget.  So, here they are.  How could we pay A-rod 33 Million with a 50 Million Cap?  Mike G.
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