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Mike Garlock

Dear Herby,

Are you absolutely certain that I said you were crazy?  That sounds so unlike me.  If I remember correctly, I was just using you as a decoy so that I could take a shot at some turkey from Alaska.  

I can understand why you're afraid of Mizzou having to play a Big Ten schedule, but it would be a tremendous upgrade for them.  The only thing wrong with that conference is that they seem to have the same football champion every year.  I actually don't mind that at all.

Our BUCKEYES have a big series in Iowa City this weekend.  Since there are no basketball games until Sunday, I would appreciate it if you could drive up there and cheer them on for me.  Thanks!
Who's in First?????
National League Central
                     W    L    GB    Pct
Cincinnati     21   16   --    .568
St. Louis       21   17   .5   .553

Yep!!  The Reds are in first place!!  Great game yesterday.  Bronson even got a 2 run single!  At least Albert Pujouls was kept in check.  Don't know how long we'll be there but it's nice for now.  The brew crew (Milwaulkee Brewers) are in town for 2 games.

Mike Garlock
Morning Boy's,

    We all know the Season in young and things will change over and over.  My Yankee's have a big Week playing Boston the next two day's and in the Northeast most people will tell you...You are rooting for the Yankee's or Boston.  Boston is 19-19 not the Boston we have seem the last few Years, so they alway's make we worry.  Then the next two day's we play #1 Tampa Bay.  The next four day's are Big for us.  Good luck Daryl and Herby sounds like this is going to be a fun Year to be Baseball Fan!  Mike G.
And Cincy won again tonight!!  GO REDS!! 

OH YEAH!!  I love it when I hear Marty on the radio say, "And this one belongs to the Reds!"

Who did the Phillies beat (putting it mildly) last night???

And who's pitching for the Phils today?  Roy Halladay the Bucs don't stand much of a chance.
Let's see Ryan Howard is making something like 25 million dollars this year.....the entire Pirates roster put together is making 35 million dollars....   Yeah Harry the Phils SHOULD beat the Pirates  But strangers things have happened!!
Uncle Pen
Hey Julia, How about that $25 million grand slam!!
 From our $25 pitcher who has the title of worst pitcher so far this year in MLB.  I can't figure out why we can't win LOL
I wanted to tell Whitey that his beloved Cubs are going to be in Texas for the weekend playing the Rangers in interleague play. I'll do my best to make sure we treat them right. I'm hoping we can sweep them but 2 out of 3 at least.
Glad to meet you Whitey at Silver Dollar City.
Herb, I'm the guy Whitey tried to tell you was a Cub fan.

ET in Texas

Welcome to the MB ET.....Please put a big whoopin' on those dreaded Cubbies for me this weekend!!!!!!!

Jim & Mary G

Hi ET! We sat next to you during Rhonda's show. It was nice to meet you!

Whitey & Linda

OK fans lets hear it!! GO CUBS GO, GO CUBS GO, hey "HERBIE" WHAT DO YOU SAY, CHICAGO CUBS R GOING TO WIN TODAY! Love you cubs!  and love you too, Herb.   Linda

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