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Whitey/ Linda
Hi All, went to the Dr.  today for my right knee, well, I have a torn cartilage, gggrrrr, (should have set out that last dance Rhonda lol,) I go in tomorrow for an MRI,  then surgery, boy does that stinker hurt,  I am on pain pills may double them the next go around. He told me Author also is paying a visit in both knees, I told him growing old was pretty painful lol. Anyway, please keep me in your prayers, and "Whitey," as I don't know how well, he will handle the grape and fan thing!  lol.  Let you know when this all goes down.   Linda

Ann A
Linda....So sorry to hear about your knee.  Keep us informed. 
BEST OF LUCK with the grapes and Palm Leaves, I'm sure Whitey will rise to the occasion.


Mike Garlock
Evening Linda,

    Sorry to here about your Knee.  Keep us informed on what the Doctor say's.  Maybe Doctor Herb should take a look at it for ya...Maybe not.  Mike G.
Mike B
Hang in there, Linda!  I had surgery on mine two years ago...great results.  I waited six years to get the nerve to repair it, but I won't wait six seconds next time.  Good luck!

Feel better Linda!  You sure couldn't tell there was anything wrong with it out on the dance floor Friday night!  :-)

Good Luck!!!

Hi Linda,

Hope you feel better soon.  I know what knee pain is all about.  I fell off a step master a few years ago at the gym (don't ask) and I tried to make it look like that was my intent, because I landed on the step on my knee as the machine kept going.  I tried to make it look like I was doing a workout using my knees and a few of the gals there just laughed.  Yep, it didn't go well and it hurt!

Feel better soon!
mary g

keeping you in my prayers and thoughts you can do it!

Linda, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'll keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery.

Linda, sorry about your knee..Hope the MRI come out OK .. Did yours make all that LOUD noise that will drive you crazy during the procedure?  Take care & rest your legs as much as possible( Not dancing on Sat. nights) LOL

Whitey/ Linda

Hi Gloria and all, since you mentioned the noise the MRI made!! this is funny, yes!! it did make noise but! the nurse ask me what kind of music i wanted to listen to while this was going on, they put ear phones on me, I said, do you have any Rhonda Vincent CD's? she said, no, I told her we would bring one out to her for other patients to listen to, so anyway, I chose country got Alan Jackson and you would not believe how that drowns out the noise.  Gloria I fell a sleep lol, i haven't been sleeping well because of the pain, she said, I was one of there best patients lol. I go in Mon. for my consultation with the Dr. hoping surgery is that day or Tues., i am eating the pain pills he gave me lol, Whitey may be putting me in another Hosp. if I don't get this surgery over with and off the pills lol. Thanks to all for thinking of me, we will keep you informed.  Love ya Linda

Mary C.

Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery. I know Whitey will take good care of you.
Amy in fortville

man I hope your knee gets better soon sorry your in so much pain glad your mri went well when i had mine for my heart back in dec i took jesse mcrenyolds christmas cd and ricky skaggs and the whites bluegrass makes it all better


Keeping you in my prayers!

Dr. Herby

Linda, if Whitey runs out of grapes, you just give me a call. I'll be right over.

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