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Listen to the Ryman bluegrass series live on WSM 650am! http://www.wsmonline.com
Don & Ann A.

Listening in and it's sounding GREAT!

Mary C.

Next Best Thing did a great job!!!


Thanks for the call Mary.  I didn't have my phone on me.

Mike Garlock
Evening Everyone,

    Been listening all Night and "The Next Best Thing" should have gotten a Encore the crowd wanted one!  Rhonda you and the Rage Rock the House!  Mike G.
Mark Morrison
Can you say "Wow Baby"!!!!!  Thanks, Hunter, but it was all "WOW".  Wish I could have also heard Next Best Thing.  Actually, wish I could have seen the expression of all of those in the auditorium that wasn't at Sally Mountain to realize what a spectacular group of individuals that are in the Rage but also the Next Best Thing and of course, don't forget RHONDA.   What a spectacular show you put on. 

Thank You SO MUCH.  

Someday I will have High Speed

Jim and Jane
What a great show!! So glad we had the link
Jim from Red Sox country
I heard that Mickey
Mike Garlock
Evening Jimbo,

    I bet you would look good in "Pin Stripes"!  Mike G.

Everyone sounded GREAT!  Gavin was AWESOME!!   I can't believe that kid is only 13!  Way to go kid!!

I'm sorry I missed that show, but I am SO glad I could catch it online.

I'm so glad she played "I've Forgotten You"  It's one of my favorites.
Maggie D

Wow, what a great time, I've got to pick my Momma up from the hospital early in the morning and knew I should have gone to bed, but I couldn't stop listening!

Mary C. and Jim
Great show tonight!!! Everyone sounded great tonight!
Gaven did a wonderful job. 
Just got home from the Ryman and the show was fantastic.  That young Gavin was unbelieveable.  Terrific show Rhonda!!

Nashville, TN


WOW !!!!!! The Rage and you sound so gooood I think its the best thing you did with career at least one of them the little man was really awesome too you would never know that he was onl 13 and never rehersed he has nautral god givien talent that he has blessed him with hopefully he will have many opertunites down the road God bless you and the rage may he keep you safe while on the road

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