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"Dear Herby"
I'd cut her wages.....The video looked like a trader to me....she didn't mention Rhonda Vincent, or "Dear Herby" 1 time in that interview. Is she working for AJ now????? Does he pay as much as we do....Prez, you need to get back to work and promote that best seller book of mine. And remember, the next time you're on TV, PLUG THE BOOK!!!!!

Geeeez...I wouldn't think I would need to remind you of this.

I certainly hope this doesn't go to the labor relations committee. It could be "curtains" for you.

I'll let my constituents from Um East, South, North, and West comment on this, and help me come up with a suitable reprimand for you.

Gentlemen...I await your thoughts.
UM South

One quick question for the CEO before I retire for the evening...does Tennessee fall in my jurisdiction?  If so, I will call her in for a consultation and file a disciplinary report later this week.  Her position requires 24/7 dedication to our Queen and her King!   That should be sufficient for a first offense.

Although she resides in Tennessee, her travels take her many places. (in other words, you never know when she may show up at your house) Lets not also forget that she is the "Black Cat" with long reaching tentacles. (See Suzie Q) So we know her reach is significant, and without boundaries.

Knowing this, I think all the regions can take a crack at her.

Yes, she would be in your jurisdiction, and you should have first crack at her.

So go ahead UM SOUTH, and bring the first charges for the court to hear. And, if you feel it is appropriate, level punishment and disciplinary actions. I'm all for it.

Show her who's the REAL boss South!!!!!
I was watching the news during this segment and must have walked out just before you were on and thought to myself that voice sure sounds like someone I know. How funny!!! Thanks for posting it.
Upper Management West

In keeping with my long standing record of being tough on crime, I'm going to advocate that we throw Dear Herby's book at her.  No doubt, my liberal colleagues will plead for leniency, based upon the fact that this is her first offence.  However, I feel that it's important to teach her a lesson so that this doesn't ever happen again.  Therefore, I have decided to recommend that we impose the harshest penalty which the law allows for this crime..........................another full season of rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates!

UM South

OMG!!!  That is brutal...even for a conservative Republican like you!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning,

    Julia was in line to secure a piece of memorabilia for her "Mother" and she was wearing a "Rhonda Vincent Jacket".  I think we have to take that into consideration!  Mike G.
Thank you Mike...and don't forget the Rhonda Vincent earrings too!!!
I agree with UM WEST. Throwing the book at her is a pretty stiff punishment, especially since there is only 1 copy of it.

I think in addition, she must read it cover to cover, and apply the wealth of knowledge she will receive to her daily life. (Richard will like this as well)

I'm a little disappointed in UM East. I feel he was a little soft in his statement. When the camera light comes on, you have to vocalize the things you support. Wearing memorabilia, or using Mom as an excuse for skipping the chat just doesn't cut it. I think she needs to attach a "Dear Herby" logo to that jacket. The 1 that says "I attended Dear Herby's school on how to be a good wife. I've read the book as well." Etch this on the jacket, (or her forehead) before the next TV interview, and maybe I could be more lenient.

Where's 86??? He must be buried in the igloo. Sometimes his Internet connection gets frost bitten this time of year. It could be spring before he gets a chance to weigh in on this.
Is this the logo you're talking about???

Upper Management West
See, this is exactly what happens when you liberals advocate leniency for a hardened criminal.  If we let her get away with this, there's no telling what she will do next.  She already has complete control of our ability to communicate with each other and now she has insulted the outstanding CEO of Upper Management.  How much longer will it be until she's selling Alan Jackson merchancise at the Martha White Boutique?

I am very disappointed in my distinguished colleague from the South.  Your liberal "consultation" and "disciplinary report" have accomplished absolutely nothing.  Why don't you throw in a group hug, some vegetarian Tai Chi, and perhaps a little transcend dental medication?

Meanwhile, my distinguished colleague from the East appears to be more concerned with the rights of the criminal than he is the victim.  Your bleeding heart liberal defense of her outrageous behaviour will only encourage her to commit even more crimes.  My sources are telling me that she's already planning to turn the Martha White Boutique into a Wille Nelson Herbal Medicine Garden tomorrow night at the Ryman.

This woman must be stopped.  I recommend that we sit her down and force her to watch highlights of the Pittsburgh Pirates from the past 17 years.  The video starts with Sid Bream sliding into home and then..........well, I guess that's pretty much it.   
I tend to agree with my esteemed colleague from the west....(well at least somewhat)

I think the punishment has to be swift, and without remorse.

Not only should she have to watch the Pirates video from the past 17 yrs., she should have to watch the Cardinals WS victories during that period.

She should also have to become a permanent Cubs fan.

That'll teach her lesson she'll never forget!!!!!!
Mike Garlock
Is there a Baseball Game on Tonight?...I think there is.

A Yankee's Fan
I think there is a game on tonight.

A Phillies Phan

Phillies Phever, catch it.
UM North (Shrimper)

My recommendation for Julia ..... COME DOWN HARD on her.  

I would says she needs some serious retraining.  Nothing I couldn't handle doing.  Send her NORTH, it's coming up to that time of the year when there's lots that needs to be done. 
We're just getting ready to make another igloo (snow house) as our dwelling for next 10 COLD winter months.  She will be building the spiral design from the ground (snow) up, learning how to use a snow knife, how to build from the inside out, and the final process of chinking (caulking). She will be making a kudlik (seal oil lamp), caribou sleeping robes and also learn how to be a Nomad.

Julia, you better bring your ipod (no electricity so BRING BATTERIES), you're work can all be done while listening to AJ.  Won't that be soothing, listening to AJ while you work.  You'll be so glad you did that interview on TV.

Julia, here's a short 10 minute training video to get you prepared.  It will be very helpful to watch before heading NORTH.

After all the training up here in the NORTH, I would say, let her go on the Rhonda Vincent Bluegrass Cruise in February 2010 http://www.bluegrasscruise.com ,  but not for rest or relaxation, like she's done in the previous years.  NO more lounging around in those comfortable recliners on the pool deck.  I would say put her on the entrance door to the Bluegrass Concert area in the evening, put her at the merchandise table, a have her take lots of photos (not just 10 or 15), during the entire cruise.  You can't go light on this matter.  I don't think it's too late.  I think we've caught it early enough. 

Julia, the Mrs. will meet you at the border with the dog sled team .... you might as well start you're training right away!

Looking forward to seeing you, Julia, within the next couple of weeks!  Oh, and by the way, don't forget to dress warm, unless you're used to -40F.

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