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donald b
hey rhonda or julie, what happened to the date for max meadows? i noticed that it was gone from the tour dates. i was looking forward to seeing you there. thanks, donald b.

Hi Donald,

I can answer that. The show was booked and contracted on 10-24-07. I recieved a call last week telling me that Confederate Railroad was hired instead, and Rhonda should remove them from the web site, as the date has been cancelled for her.

The End
Karen from Ca & MO
I have an answer.............let's book Rhonda in California instead.
We want her here and won't make any changes.
Please Herb...............
I promise to help you this next year with any cruise paperwork if you can make it happen. Rhonda needs to rock the West Coast.
We will spread the word I promise! Wishful thoughts.........California 4 Rhonda!!!!
Kim From MO

Well, that was kind of rude!  There's no comparison between CR and RVR!!!  I guess there's no accounting for taste.....

donald b

thanks Herb its there loss they dont know what theyve done with a chance to have one of the best bluegrass bands in the world i wont be there.they wont get any mnoey from me.i was really looking foward to this 

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