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Mrs Herb Sandker
A package is sent your way today via USPS PRIORITY!!!  

Please confirm when it arrives; and be sure to inspect and verify contents.
Mike B

Judging from the author's signature, it looks like the Queen has been studying Herbs new book.  Keep up the good work, Herb!


Mrs. Herb stop reading Dr. Herby's book

Mrs. Matt Sharp
OOOOHhhh I do like the sound of that!  I will confirm arrival of mystery package and send one your way in return.  Should I send to Kirksville or Nashville?


  .....Mrs. Herb Sandker..... now that's more like it. She even cooked my dinner last night. It was a little late. I usually eat at 5pm...she had it ready at 5:15. With practice, she'll get better.

Ms. Vincent,

We need to talk I think you have been home too long.
Mrs Herb Sandker
Mrs Sharp.....please send your items to Kirksville. 

I'm running away with mother.  We are heading towards GLK, Charlie K, and Crazeee Ameee country.  Stopping just short of the border in the City of Lights to meet Chip & Dale. 

Then on to the pineapple fields. 

No floors to scrub or almond toilets to clean.

Just a week in paradise.


ALOHA!!!!! Rhonda ...hope you and your Mother have a fantastic time.

almond toilets to clean

wasn't the toilet your idea????
Paradise????? That's here at my house. I thought you were going to Hawaii??

And who is Chip & Dale??? Is that the guys that collect mountain oysters, and turkey fries??

You'd better stay here in "paradise" and clean that pretty new almond toilet you coveted so much, and I'm not sharing my golf winnings with you just so you could fritter it all away in Hawaii.

Besides, your mom has pies to bake for next year. She ran out of peach much too soon.
Mrs. Matt Sharp
Mrs. Sandker,

Sounds great!  Ameeeee should just about be home by now.  Put her on the plane yesterday. 

Have an incredible trip with Mrs. Vincent!

Much Love!
Tom Alman
I always thought Chip and Dale were a couple of critters LOL!!!

Connie Leigh
Dear Mrs. Herb Sandker
Did you hear about the poor lady who was convinced someday she would meet a man who had the common sense of a woman?  Well, word has it that she died last week, and on her closed coffin, was this framed picture....

I could have told her it could never happen.... PERFECT MEN ???? 

Hey Mrs Matt Sharp,

I did get home safely and finally got all my laundry done! YaY! Talk about hot off the plane.. it was 109 degrees when we landed!

Thanks soo much for letting me stay at the Friend/Sharp Inn!! I love you all!  Give Nannie and the kids a hug for me and I hope Nannie is feeling better! P.S. Tell her I left some sweets in the fridge for her!  

Have a FuN trip Girls and take lots of pictures!


Mrs. Matt Sharp
Hey AmY,

glad you made it home safe and sound!  Enjoyed seeing you last week!
Take care and don't work to hard now that you are back.

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