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She didn't trust those guys with her purse.  But she did trust them not to look up, lol.

Robert Hall
I'm glad Rhonda still has her zest for adventure, and has some fun like this every now and then..but I cant help but fear for her safety,that roof might not have been in great shape,and climbing ladders can be hazardous!!..It was a great photo op though!..

Seeing Rhonda doesn't have a fear of heights,unlike ME,I wonder if I could persuade her to climb up and check the chimney on my garage,and see if it needs cleaning..and clean out the gutters on our house too!..
I'd be very happy to hold the ladder for her!..

Hey Robert....I don't really like heights.....but sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

And this was way too cool not to get a photo there!!!  

Good luck on the chimney!!!  I hope you get it ready before Santa comes!! 
Robert Hall
Hello RHNDA!..

I hope your having fun out there!..glad your climb to the roof was uneventful though,I'd hate to hear about you getting hurt!..but it did make for a neat photo!..

I'm glad you responded to my post!--I'm afraid I'd done or said something to make you mad at me,cause you haven't "answered" any of my posts for so long!...(if I did I'm sorry!)..

Yeah,I have to somehow get up to the chimney and look down it,and see if it's in need of cleaning--my ladder is too short,I might have to park my van beside the garage and put the ladder on the roof of it, to make it reach!..but my legs turn to rubber when I get any more than 8' or so off the ground!..sometimes I cannot believe I actually built the entire garage alone!..
I guess I got used to heights after many weeks of building it!..

I haven't cleaned out the chimney since 1994, when I built it!..but I think it isn't clogged up,I nearly set the woods afire when I lit some newspapers in the clean out door at the bottom of it the other day,and big pieces of flaming paper blew off into the woods!..cant be that clogged up!..

I think the fact it now lacks a chimney cap, is why I'm getting "back-drafted" out of my garage under certain wind and weather conditions lately..

I've made a new cap for it,the old one had rusted away and blew off a year ago,but haven't got it installed yet,due to being a wuss about heights!..watching the smoke yesterday,when it was VERY windy out,I saw it go straight down towards the ground,instead of UP--so I guess the nearby trees are killing the draft,time to get the cap back on it,before I get suffocated or get CO poisoning!..

Wish I was in Las Vegas!--it's too cold here already,and it'll be only 30 something degrees most of this week for high temps after today..better bring WARM CLOTHES when you come to NH!...and hope it doesn't snow up there too!..does the Martha White Express have chains on board,just in case??..

Safe travels to you and the Rage Rhonda!..time for me to get out there and get busy I guess,before the REAL cold weather moves in!..

I was one of the 4500 in Wickenberg, Wow what a great show. I was also lucky enough to get a CD autographed by Rhonda , Thanks !!! I cant wait until next year !

I think she was guarding her purse from that ornery fiddle player in her band !! 
In response to the comment about Rhonda not trusting one the guys to hold her purse, I will mention that I did hold her purse, and when she got down she said "that purse goes well with your outfit." lol.

Rhonda put on a phenomenal show along with all the other guys! We really enjoyed you all playing in the store. My dad is still on cloud nine for playing on the roof with you!


ps Rhonda, your items were shipped today.
Doug Rigsby

My wife made the giant mandolin for Dennis before he moved from Ohio. 
My wife Tammy and I are in the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra (but our harts are still in Blue Grass). 

Doug Rigsby
LOVE the mandolin Doug!!! 


R U kin to Don Rigsby?? 


I would like to see you climb the ladder with the 3 inch heels on

Tammy Rigsby
Hi There Rhonda!
Thanks for the positive comments about the "giant mandolin"!  I had a great time sculpting it.  It was wonderful to see it again.  I often wonder about my sculptures and it's nice to know that Dennis is taking care of it!  

As far as being related to Don Rigsby, Doug's mother had a lengthly conversation with Don Rigsby, (which, coincedently, Doug's deceased father was also Don Rigsby), and they decided that they were distantly related......which makes sense; my husband looks just like Don Rigsby.
Confusing, isnt it?
Anyway.... Thanks!
Tammy Rigsby

Tammy, are you from Morehead?  Is Doug the one who graduated with Debbie Laferty, my daughter?

Tammy Rigsby
Hello Carol,
My husband is from Morehead, Ky.  I am from Lewis County.  Doug said he doesn't remember if he graduated with Debbie or not.  All of Doug's family still live there.

Tammy Rigsby

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