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That's only because he was warping Mickey with his bow over and over.

He was in such shock, he didn't realize he had lashed Mickey's arm till it was bruised.  

Do you have the brave photo of his high tailing it off the stage???    

a tattoo??? maybe it's a biker spider, lol

Don & Ann A
We couldn't find any photos of Hunter high-tailing it off the stage, but we did find video footage of the incident.  Rhonda, if you listen closely, you can also hear some brave female screaming  .... and running behind Big K, and then THE BIG GIGANTIC PREYING MANTIS is on Hunter's back.  From all that screaming you'd think it was a snake.  Those banjo players sure are brave souls.

Uncle Pen's Friend

That video always makes me laugh.    They big and kind of scary looking but I think they are usually harmless.   I was told when I was a kid (long time ago)  never to kill one because they eat something, but I don't remember what they eat.   See, told ya I'm getting old.

Don A
They usually eat moths, flies, mosquitos, and the odd fiddle player.
The adult female praying mantis usually kills and eats the male either after or during mating.   Sure glad I'm not a praying mantis. 

don't worry Don, Ann says you have nothing to fear, lol

Annie Koenig

I have never seen that video before. It's hilarious!!!!!!!

Uncle Pen's Friend

Don Adams, you are a wealth of knowledge.   I'm just getting old and catching up to Ann in age.   Maybe my 10 days vacation in warm sunny South Carolina will give my poor tired body a break.


When I was a little boy they always said the"Praying Mantis" would spit in your eye and blind you.

I only have a couple pics of the brave banjo player


Rhonda, at least it didn't fly in your mouth like other bugs.  Could you imagine?

OMG Harry....I CANNOT imagine.  Ick.

I've certainly had my share of protein this year. It is an extra buggy year, or have I just been the lucky one????   

like I told you, they didn't seem to be bothering anyone else but you at SM. lol

My brother told me that praying mantis kills poisonous spiders.
One time he saw a black widow spider in a storage house at my Mom and Dad's. He actually went to the pet store and bought some praying mantis to put in there .I would rather take my chances with the spider. Needless to say ...I never went in there again.

A poem for brave Hunter.

The Praying Mantis Attack
The night of the praying mantis attack .
That thing landed on Hunter's back
He bruised Mickey with his bow; that had to hurt I know
He was fighting for his life upon that stage
That thing was flying  all over the stage
What a thing to happen to the men of Rage
To catch it Kenny tried so Rhonda could finish ''Heartbreaker's Alibi
but he was no match for this praying mantis attack
Hunter was now gone from the stage
what happened to this mighty man of Rage?
Will he be back once its gone ? or did he just go home?
The night of the praying mantis attack


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