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Thanks to everyone (except Don) for sharing your photos. 

CONGRATULAIONS TO SAMI!  The BIG CAT is our winner of the pet pics.

You are welcome to continue to post your photos. We would love to meet you and your pets!

Thanks!! We always new Fluffy was a prize winner


Sherry A

I just watched the video...I woke my husband up laughing. That was way too funny...Did Hunter ever return...?

Not a contest, but we sure love to see your pets.

While we were gone on the cruise; the neighbors thought we have left our lab "Suzy", and called a nearby neighbor who takes in animals to pick her up.

They thought we had abandoned her.  Herb ended up being happy about it; since Suzy is going to have another round of puppies very soon. 

I'll post a picture of our calves, Gary & Charles, as soon as I get my camera back.


Poor Suzy

Yesterday  was a wonderful day at the farm!  We welcomed 2 new baby chicks into the world.  I had never experienced an egg hatching before so it was a miraculous event!  I seriously got teary eyed, which is pathetic.  I can only imagine what will happen when I actually have my own kids.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce y'all to one of the new additions to the farm.  I decided to name him George. No real reasoning behind it.  Just thought it fit him.

Here's a picture of George a few hours after hatching:

Here's a picture of George being held by Evan, a hilarious 2 year old who joined us that day.   The look on his face says it all. Pure joy.

We await the hatching of 10 more eggs over the next few days.  I'm so excited to watch them grow in the coming months.  It truly is a blessing to be able to witness the miracle of life like this.  While sorting through the recycling, I did find two more farm "pets" which I will not post due to someone's fear of them.   I kindly grabbed both of them and relocated them to a nearby patch of grass where they thanked me by trying to bite me.

Here's a quick video of Evan showing me George:


If you'd like a good laugh, check out this video of Evan with one of the other newer pets, the 8 month old chocolate lab Jacque.  It is HILARIOUS! :


I'm working on uploading more pictures and videos.  They will be found at the following address:


Ok I promise this is the last time I will post pictures of the chicks.    Over the course of the week, 5 more babies hatched and survived.  The first thing I saw when pulling into the farm was the mother hen with 7 little chicks peeping and learning how to eat little bugs on the ground.  I immediately had tears in my eyes.  Ridiculous!

The cutest thing in the world is seeing the chicks eating until their heart's content and then falling asleep standing up.  I do that sometimes too. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

The little guy on the left is the cutest little bantam chicken!  He's much smaller than the other chicks due to his species type.  The one on the right is a feather foot chick.  We were so excited to get one of these in the batch!

After a big meal, this little guy was tired.

Hanging out with mom:

You can find the rest at the following address:


Thanks for letting me share a few pictures of my babies!

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