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Time for some fun.....a Pet Pic contest!

We'd love to meet you and your Rager pet. 

Upload your favorite picture of you and your pet.  A winner will be selected,
and that winner will receive a personal meet and greet aboard the Martha White Bluegrass Express, along with an autographed Rhonda Vincent "Good Thing Going" poster!!! 

Here's how to enter:

Post your favorite photo of you and your pet at:


Log In User Name:  meandmypet

Password:  rhondavincent

Then post copy the [IMG] link and post the picture on our Message Board at http://www.rhondavincent.com   along with your name and the name of your pet, and where you're from -- under the Pet Pics Contest link so everyone can view.    (Be sure to post with a valid email address.)

To start things off, here's one of my favorite photos of Sally, Dr Pepper, and Dolly (Sally's dog); taken July 2007 at Sally Mountain Park.

Ritter Critter

How many animals can enter from  Ritter Farms????  

I figured I'd get the ball rolling by posting one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite little animals, my pet squirrel Henry.  I didn't wanna enter the contest, but I couldn't help but share it. I miss him so much!   I rescued him during Hurricane Rita in 2005.

P.S. I have a picture of another pet I used to have, but I know you are not a fan of them at all so I didn't post it.   Let's just say I caught him in the swamp...
Mike B

This is a picture of our Giant Schnauzers, Sammy and Sophie.  The fat guy with the AWESOME sweatshirt is me.

Don A

Although I’m not entering the contest, I thought you might enjoy a photo of our pet, Hamlet, eating watermelon. He’s a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, and this photo was taken at the Willow Park Bluegrass Festival in Ontario in 2006, when he was 8 years old. We’ve had him since he was 11 weeks old and he travels with us to all the Ontario festivals. We’re known there as “The Pig People.”

Hey …………… for all you single guys …………… if you’re looking to meet women ……………… just get a pot bellied pig.

He’s a real “CHICK MAGNET.”

Tensel and Scooby from the Sodus, New York  Dog Parade!!!!

Karen in CA & MO
Hi Courtney,
OHHHHHHHH, Just have to say your Henry is an angel.
Thanks so much for sharing him.
I so love animals. We don't fight over sex, money or ?? we fight over
my love of animals.
Will be submitting my G.Shep rescue dog "Simba". This is such a good idea.
Who ever thought of it should get an award. Animal's are awesome! Karen
guess who

Tom Alman
Those pics of Harry keep gettin better and better LOL!!!

Benny's PR rep
Had to post a few of my favorite shots of Benny from SM 2008....since he's family I'm sure he's not eligible for the competition, but everyone still needs to see how cute he is!! 

And he thinks Dolly shouldn't be the only one getting attention around here!!

He made sure everyone obeyed the law 'round Sally Mountain

Even old Herby couldn't resist his charm!!

Rockin' Robin
So you met Mike's Sophie & Sammy above, now meet their son Buddy.  Here in Jawja, we're all getting ready for football season in just 35 days!!! 

Marcus is teaching Buddy and Ripley about getting into the 3-point stance!!

And although he didn't live with us, I couldn't resist putting up a picture of all DAWG fans favorite "pet" UGA VI!

Buddy JO's Mom

Here's my precious pooch Buddy.  I rescued him from the Knox County Animal Shelter on April 29th.  He weighs 38 pounds now and is still growing!

I love this pic! (some of you may recognize it from my myspace)

One more...

Chris Jo!

Your dog is ADORABLE!  Just thought I'd tell you that.

Rockin' Robin
Chris Jo,

We both have big Buddys!!  Buddy Jo is the cutest lil' thing....I just wanna cuddle him. 

He's a cute baby you got there!!

Charles Hampton
Here I am with one of my favorite little lambs, Ladd.  He has a twin named Add, and they were born in early June on my farm in Southwest Virginia.  He loves to listen to Rhonda and the Rage while he munches on his favorite dish, fresh new grass.  His favorite tune is Is The Grass Any Bluer, and his dream is to accompany his Pop on a tour of the Martha White Express.
Charles and Ladd
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