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Ok, it said pet, singular. But I couldnt leave anyone out.

There is the Queen Cat, Coco

Then Tequila, the blanket sucker

Then Dora the Explorer

And her trusty sidekick, Diego!

Don't blame me for all the images. They made me do it!


Mom, Brian, and I are very allergic to cats.....

HOWEVER, I must say that Dora the Explorer is ADORABLE!!!  


Well, I am waiting for you to come to Wickenburg, AZ in Nov. I was going to stow away on the Martha White Bluegrass Express, but now I know I cant bring my cats with me.  

fluffy at her favorite spot in the house

she has the softest belly EVER.

this is my other cat, sally. they don't enjoy being held.

HOLY CATS...that's a big one.

Is it really real Sami????

It's almost as big as you!!!

I've never seen a cat that size. 

Yes, Rhonda, she's real And all the hair she leaves throughout the house is real too...
Oh my word! I have never ever seen a cat that big! I thought my Coco was big at 20 lbs. How much does Fluffy weigh? Wow!

You should have never got me started on pet pictures. Ok I promise this is the last one.

One day after a long session of practice, I went out for lunch. When I came back, my cat was laying in my double mando/fiddle case. As you can see by the picture she is trying to either sleep or figure out what all the notes on the paper are. Maybe shes just darn tired of listening to me play.

A few days after this picture was taken, I caught her napping in my case again. To my suprise and hers as well, the lid slammed shut on her. Funny thing is, she still loves to sleep there, so I have to keep it shut all the time now.


I don't know how much Fluffy weighs... it's a lot The weird thing is, her and Sally are sisters and live in the same house, but yet Fluffy is twice her size...

We used to have a beautiful stray cat that lived on our porch. I have no idea what breed she was but she almost looked like a leopard and one of our neighbors said she was probably worth a lot of money. Unfortunately she got hit by a car or something and we never saw her again... Here's a picture of "Dolly"... does anyone know what kind of cat this is?

Looks like a tortishell tabby to me. While unique and beautiful the cat is probably not worth anything other than the love in your heart.

Robert Hall

I MUST get a better computer and a digital camera!..I'd love to show you all of our cats, and other "pets"..

I have two "indoor" cats , "Kit-Kat",an older male white shorthair, and "Puff Puff",a female white Angora, that is simply adorable!--(excepting the FUR that is all over everything from the both of them!)..
Rhonda would likely need a purse full of Claritin if she ever came to visit here!..

We also have at least 8 "outdoor" cats,but not all of them show up every day,some dissapear for weeks or even months,then come back and surprise us!..one is a multi-colored one,that looks kind of like a rug!--it's not a calico,but it has several colors making up it's coat,very unusual,never seen one like it ,ever!....
...another is all grey with very short hair,has HUGE ears,she looks like a BAT more than a CAT!..
..another fluffy grey one has white "sox" on her paws,and we have one "tabby" left now,there were two (twins),but one was killed not long ago,found it dead near the mail box..

I'll try to get my younger brother to take some photos of our menagerie and post them for me..might take awhile though..

I'd like to show you the deer that are in my back yard every morning,and the possum and skunk that come to our deck and eat any leftover cat food nightly--I've even seen Blue Jays swoop down and steal the dry food!..and yesterday I made a grim discovery--I have a Woodchuck that looks to be about 40 lbs,with a smaller baby!--I hope they dont get in my garden!..--but nothing is growing in it anyway..

Fiddleshe--Fluffy and Sally are HUGE!--I don't think I've ever seen a cat THAT big yet,and I've had a few 22 pounders !..WOW!.

Robert Hall
OOPS!--I meant SAMI!--not FiddleShe!..got confused after looking at all the pictures!..

I HAd to send this photo from my office wall.

It's Sally & George from December 1996.  Aint they cute??? 

AWWW Rhonda that is adorable. They both look so young, sweet and truly in love with each other.

Connie Leigh
This is my daughter....
Miss Macey


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