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Love the earrings Connie!!

Very cute.
You need to get Bec's Beads to make some signature doggie beads for her.  
Mother his name was not George...it was Tiger!!! My first dog I recall having as my own. We had just moved into our house and I went out to the garage, got a pillow and blanket, and layed down with him to take a picture. Ohh how I miss old Tiger. He was such a good dog, unfortunately MOM made me keep him outside and he got hit by a car. Luckily I have two little angels, Benny and Dolly, that stay in the house so things like that can't happen to them!
So I weighed my cats today... and Fluffy weighs 16 lbs. and Sally weighs 11!! They're a lot skinnier than I thought I guess the majority of it is just hair... I combed out fluffy today and got a hand full
16 pounds is a really big cat!!!!

Especially when it's something you're allergic to. 
Sally's Mom
R u sure about that Sally?

I copied the information from the back of the picture.

It says George.  But then it says the daughter in that pic was Curious too!! 
Don A

  Here’s a photo of our daughter, Katie, during her first year of university. It was taken at the University of Guelph’s “College Royal” Wildlife Club Exhibit. So, in fact they were only her pets for a day. Although some may not like the animals in these photos, Katie was also petrified, until that day last year when she was first taught how to handle them. She spent the entire day handling and showing what she calls “my pets.” Yes, you guessed it, the first photo is of a northern water snake and the second, a black rat snake. Katie no longer has a fear of snakes and now says that she would like one of her own. Her mother says, “FAT CHANCE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN, AT LEAST WHILE YOU‘RE LIVING HERE!”

We’ll see.

Uncle Pen's Friend
The first picture is our "Starved for Attention" Golden Retriever Lily.   She is 4 yrs old.    We adopted Lily from a co-worker of mine who couldn't afford to take care of her properly.    She was the 2nd addition to our family last September.  

The second picture is our first Golden Retriever Gee.   When we got him at the age of 6 months his name was Gee Gee (nice name for a 86 lb golden).  We shorten his name to Gee.   We got him from one of Michael's co-worker's neighbor who was moving from his townhouse to an apartment and couldn't take him along.   He is 4 yrs. old also.  


Holy Cow....The Queen just threw a brick at the computer screen when she saw the snakes. Good thing her aim is poor.

Ann A
Rhonda.......I told Don NOT to do it .............but like a Man they think they can do anything they want.  I apologize for my insensitive husband.
I took the pictures of Katie, but I think my eyes were closed.  I HATE snakes.  I couldn't believe it when I saw her holding the one.  I was proud of her for overcoming her fears ( I don't have a fear, just a hate).  She was terrified when they handed her the snake in the morning as she was supposed to be manning another area that had nothing to do with snakes.  By the end of the day she loved them.............YIKES!!!                     
I'm glad that your aim was bad and you missed the computer screen.


Don, I must say, you pick strange pets, a snake and pig? what's next?

Don A
Harry, "what's next"  you ask.  I will post a picture of me and my favorite pet with a complete description, a little later on.  You think those 2 were strange, just wait.   
Good Morning!

I can't sleep and packing is boring me to tears so I figured I'd post some pictures of the farm animals I used to work with down home.  My dear friends have a beautiful farm sitting on about 100 acres of land out in the country.  They have a swamp, a river, and lots of hunting grounds to mess around with.  It's absolutely gorgeous out there and a great place to relieve stress.  Anyway, I used to spend quite a bit of time out there helping with the farm and all the animals....so here's some pictures by request:

Me with one of my favorite horses Dash:

And the animals continue...

Chickens, Roosters, Everywhere!  They were messy little creatures, but there's nothing like having fresh farm eggs for breakfast!

The peacocks were so funny.  They were constantly on the roof running around.  It was so funny to watch them.

Ok that'll have to do for now.  It's back to packing a little more and then some sleep.

Nitey Nite!



How come one picture has you on the horse and the next has the horse running by itself?  Couldn't  you hang on? lol

I LOVE PEACOCKS!!  That picture is a beauty......

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