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Punkin' found me when he was about 6 weeks old and abandoned. He was so sick I didn't think he could pull through, but he's a fighter and I cared for him 24/7. Here he is, a year later, doing what he loves the most, cuddling with his mommy. Rescue animals are the best, they know you saved them and they never forget it.
Charlottesville, VA
Tom Alman
Well said Lucy! My Sassy has just about the same story. somebody dumped her out to the street and animal control picked her up. According to state law they have to keep them two weeks before you know what. To make long story short. I found here there and brought her home and nursed her to health. She was caged up and had not been around people. I have had her a little over a month and you aught to see her now. I am never far from sight and she sleeps with me every night. When I got her she weighed only about 11 ozs. She don't weigh that anymore LOL!!!

Connie Leigh
When I went to Tom T. Halls house to write, he and Miss Dixie had a beautiful peacock.  The funny thing was, as the farmer and I were leaving to go to the car, there stood the most beautiful peacock. I had no clue it was real. I thought it was a pretty statue or something. Just as I started to say, "Oh look Graham, aint that pretty," the thing moved and I screamed so loud.  I said, "Come on NOW, let's get outta here in case they heard me!" You know, they never did ask me back.  It just dawned on me, MAYBE THEY DID HEAR ME!
But they have a beautiful place with peacocks.
pretty pictures Courtney!
Dolly cuddling Dolly during the video shoot for Heartbreaker's Alibi!!  May 2006

Them and Their Dogs
Now here's some REAL animals.......

Looks like 2 Pirates have kidnapped Benny & Dolly and forced them to dress up in disguise.


Very Cute!!!!!

Ann A

Of course I am partial to the Pig in the dog body.  Great pic!!

Here is me and my buddy Mojo, the best dog in the world. Thanks for all the great music Rhonda!
retry of the pic

Kaye and Kenny
Martha White Missy Ingram

Missy and Kenny

Our granddaughter Taylor& Mew-her Attack Cat

Kaci Stone

Thought I would take a minute from work and post a pic of my little girl, Sara. This is her and me when she graduated obedience school....

My little (big) boy Jake... Not as big as Sami's cats though.. WOW...

And Sara and Jake when they were younger...


Dunno how my name appeared as Kaci Stone??? Its just Kaci...lol


hi just kaci, long time no see.


I thought for a minute there was something you wasn't tellin' us ! LOL

St Louis Cardinals Fan

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