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The Ol' Dawg

Are you kin to Kidni Stone ?  

I figured I should add a recent photo of the Prezidental Pup Peanut from my recent visit to PA.  I wanted to smuggle him to WV with me but my Mom and sister wouldn't let me

aww.. Peanut is adorable
Lester Foulke

I am Lester Foulke From Marion, Ohio and this is my Horse Dudley he is a real Pal

Sweet Baby

Howdy, Y'all !!! I'm Jenny, a 15 year old African Grey parrot who was born in Marietta, Jawja - Go figure !!! Anyway, I'm the owner of the Ol' Dawg and I go by the nickname of "Sweet Baby". Now, to hear him tell it, the Ol' Dawg's owner is the Queen Of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent. Since he's purty dadgummed hard-headed, and I can't get him to listen a whole lot, I guess that me and Rhonda are "Co-Owners" of this grizzled ol' flea-bitten hound. He wanted to get a REEEEEEEAL GOOOOOOOD pic of us for this post, but, I decided not to cooperate too much. 'Bout drove him crazy - Or, CRAZIER, depending on what you think of him. I did figure out one thang about this picture business from this - Back when I was a young chick, Dawg had brown hair. Now, when I sit on his shoulder, you can't tell where the bird ends and his ol' gray hide begins !!!    



Tom Alman
But how do tell which is which HEE! HEE! By the way did they pick UGA 7 yet???

Kelvin Houston
My boys relaxing after the first day of school with Slewfoot (6 year old mixed breed we adopted and names after Johnny Horton's song) and Tiger (cat born in our azaela bush last summer).

The Ol' Dawg

As a matter of fact, Tom, it was announced TODAY that the new UGA VII has been selected. Of course, he will not be revealed until his "comin' out party" at the UGA home opener.

Tom Alman
You can bet he will look better then us LOL!!!

Lexi Sikes

Willie belongs to my cuzzin,but his mom took him to the pound ,but our poppa recued him and he lives with us now .Nick visits him most every day.we found out he is one good deerdog. we don't shoot but we like to watch the deer.

lexi sikes

  i think I did this wrong this pic goes with the message below

Lexi Sikes

Still doin it wrong try the pic above.

Sherry McCoy Apostolico
Hi everyone,
Below you will find a picture of my "catitude" friend, Jackson and myself (with my nose peeling from the sun.  He has been part of our family for 7 years. Mr. Jackson often wakes us up by hanging on the door and banging it with his back paws if he finds his water or food bowl empty. He is worse than having another child in the house...We love him. I hope to post some other pictures I have of the little guy later. I will have to down size my photos...Sorry they are so huge. Also, the second picture is of my niece, Courtney and her new friend Buddy. Buddy is a St. Bernard pup, hope I spelled that right. They are so precious together. Have a blessed day!

Sherry McCoy Apostolico
Chesapeake, VA

Rogersville Rabbit Friend
Taken in Rogersville New Brunswick CANADA

Rogersville Puppies
Taken in Rogersville New Brunswick CANADA at the Martha White Boutique.

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