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Marj reading Bud-dee a bedtime story after a hard day of being a guard dog !

Kaye and Kenny
Our granddaughter Jameslynn riding Casper.

Kaye and Kenny,

Your Granddaughter is beautiful!! 

When is the deadline to get entries onto the Photobucket site? The start of the thread did not mention any date that a decision will be made.

Just wondering

this is our new adopted pet, it was making itself home on our mailbox.

does it bring back memories?

Uncle Pen's Friend

AH, too funny Harry.   We have 3 bug pictures from Gettysburg this year.   Maybe Uncle will post them as his entry?

Ann A

 LOL.........Not sure, but maybe we better guard Hunter from the picture, we don't want to traumatize him too much.  I can still see him trying to get the Praying Mantis off his back with his bow and running off the stage.  You just can't plan things like that.  Sorry Hunter.

Ann....I will warn Hunter.

I appreciate the warning I received about Don's post.

Everytime I went to that page.....I closed my eyes...and scrolled past. 

I had no idea a pet page could be so stressful.  
Ann A


Sea u soon


I'm just glad the mail carrier had come already, or I would never have seen it.  would have missed a good photo op. lol

This is  Pepe le Pew in his favorite basket

I rescued Hunter from this wooley looking pet     crawling on his front steps.......anyone know what kind it is????

It has a tatoo on its back...I've never seen one like it before.

If you don't like  S P I D E R S  ---->>>>>>>

then close your eyes and scroll past this picture>>>>

Don A

I'm no spider expert, but I think it is a "Cross Spider" and although it kills its prey with poisonous venom, the poison is harmless to humans .......... so you'd be ok to pick it up and release it.  I wouldn't advise putting it in Hunter's fiddle case. 

Dear "Rhonda"

Thanks for the "heads up" about the spider picture...I HATE spiders with a passion about as much as you hate snakes. (Note to self, watch out for future Don Adams' tricks...)

I managed to look at the picture and the only thing I can come up with is that maybe it's a spotted Orbweaver?  Don A is probably right as I refused to learn about spiders in school.
Hunter looked pretty brave at first!

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