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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    We are so excited to announce a new date for Rhonda Vincent and the Rage!  August 2, 2009 will be the first Annual "Brantling Bluegrass Festival".  The first year will be one day  Festival at our local Ski Area.  Weather is normally good and a great venue.  We should have a link soon, so mark your Calenders for a road trip.  Scott I told you I had some good news for you!  Mike G.
Outsatanding Mike!!!! Sorry I missed your call, I was on the treadmill, and Bowflex machine. The older I get, the tougher it gets.

Prez, put this on the tour page....Sodus, NY...Brantling Ski Resort...August 2, 2009.

I'll get you promoters name and # later.

The 3 "knuckleheads" will be there.
3 Knuckleheads??

Is that HerbJo MikeMo and EdShmo??  

AKA...Larry, Moe, and Curly. You know which 1 is Curly....that's right...old cue ball himself.

Can't wait!!!!!
Thank you, Mike ........we have been waiting patiently to hear the good news.  FYI, 86 will tell you I don't do patience real well.  Consider us there.  Anything we can do to give you a hand just let us know.
Yee Haw............pretty close to home!!!!!!!!!!!!


hopefully we can make it too.

Scott in Buffalo

Great news Mike. I'm hopeful the snow will be gone by then. 

Jane H
Mike or Julia,
 We are already trying to plan for Sodus Point......Mike,your post states it is 8/2, the tour date page is listing it as 8/9.........eager RV fans need to know for sure...which date is it????

Uncle Pen's Friend

We want to come tooo!!!!!   I'm pretty sure it's the 2nd.   I think the original date was the 9th.      The PA RVR RVers want to bring the RV.   I have learned to plan ahead.    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Jane H
I am sure we will see you there with the MA branch of the RV+R RVers!! Sounds like another time to set up the gangs camping area...lets hope NO MUD!
Members of the HOOD
Hey Jane, if there's any MUD, we've got the camera ready. 

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Ragers,

    The Sodus, NY date is August 2, 2009.  It's on the Board as the 9th.  I'm sure they will change it.  We should have the link up on the Brantling Ski Slopes site later this week.  Mike G.

Brantling Web Site


Jane H
OK 86........I have to admit that is the REAL reason why I am relieved that Uncle Pens Friend will be there to help get anyones RV out of mud if needed. I understand that people w/pigs only know how to take pics of waddling in mud, LOL!!  Glad you and 99 are planning to be there too, always makes the RV+R experience that much more fun

Member of the Hood 99

........"GO, GO, GIRL POWER"........

We all know who got your RV out of the MUD!!!


I even have pics of a certain female (UPF) all alone pushing your RV. In the next frame the RV was OUT of all that MUD!

What a woman.....an inspiration to all those men out there in Rageland!!!!


Uncle Pen's Friend

Thanks girls for the laughs.   Been a busy day here at work.   You can tell the weather is changing.   The ERs were busting at the seams today.  

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