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I hope I can make it.
Anyone know if there are flyers yet??

Rough Draft of the Flyers are at the printers....alittle behind due to the weather here....Thanks....

Check out the Flyer:



1st Annual Veterans Salute Bluegrass Festival

Hope to See Everyone at This Wonderful Salute to Our Veterans!!!!
Mr. Zoom
This is within a reasonable drive for me - 4 to 5 hours - and on a weekend. I will have to see how my cash flow is, but I might be able to make it.

Edward from WV
Just another Veteran
I sent a mail, asking if veterans got a discount on tickets, since it is 'a salute to our veterans' as advertised.  This was the response I got.  So sad, when people meet a veteran, all they can say is,
'thank you for your service'... at least Lowe's gives me a 10% discount on all my purchases, instead
of the cliche 'thank you for your service'.  As the guy stated in his response, 'this is a fundraiser for
our Post'.  Since I'm a veteran from the Shenandoah Valley, how will the money raised help me?:

I attend a lot of festivals and I believe thank our line up and the Festival price is very . I wish that I could allow all Veterans to attend free of charge.  This is a fund raiser for our Post to help Veterans in our area and on today's market it is very hard to do anything without funds to do so.  We want to Honor our Veterans during the Festival.  Dry camping is available. Festivals cost for 3days camping and tickets $130.00. Doesn't get better than that. 
Call me for a site and join us Saluting all Veterans.  
God Bless
Sam Cubbage
Commander VFW Post 621

Sent from my iPod
Traveling tonight to Luray, Virginia!!  We've been waiting for weeks for this festival.

Hope to see you there!!
Kyle Seal
Congratulations Bryce Seal on doing such a great job playin Foggy Mountain Breakdown on your banjo along with The Bluegrass Brothers!

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