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We have 2 new arrivals here on the Sandker Ranch.

2 new calves just moved in. After watching them eat; we named them

Charles & Gary.

Charles started snorting and charging us, as soon as he arrived; guarding the gate, if we tried to get close.

Gary was laid back, and only eats the organically grown hay.

I'll post photos of our new ranch arrivals, when I get my cameras back.
(Our daughters have both of my cameras.)

Charles Flanary
Thanks Rhonda,I never had anything named after me before and I'm sure Gary will be proud too.
Dean the Boston Boy

I must be dumb and not an all-knowing fan, but...

I had no idea you were a cowgirl!!!! 
That Western swing album is just around the corner, I can tell - and a cool Patsy Montana outfit.

Don't kid yourself Dean. There is no cowgirl in Rhonda. She won't even feed them. That job goes to me.

It took her 7 tries to get on a horse in Arizona. The horse actually had to help her on. I was so embarrassed.

She sure can sing some bluegrass though. Just got the mastered copy of the new CD in, and it is FANTASTIC. It's the best sounding cd she's ever had. The tones are very good. Very natural sounding. I think everyone will like this cd. I know I'm proud of it.

As the old saying goes..."If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself"...her and the boys did a great job on this one.
Dean the Boston Boy
Okay, so Rhonda isn't Dale Evans...
You could still be Pat Brady the comical sidekick, though. You could buy a jeep and call it Nellie Belle. 
We can hardly wait for the new CD. If you love it, after all these years of hearing them, it MUST be great!
Mike B

Will Charles & Gary become ribeyes and sirloins in the not-too-distant future?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Shhhh....don't scare Charles & Gary yet.   

They just moved onto the Sandker ranch.

They should be here till October. 

Hi Ben!!! 

Sounds like YOU have a Good Thing Going too. 

Mary C.

Could there be a cow song in the works (like your Mom's pig song)?
Mary C.

I should have said cattle song.

Uncle Pen's Friend

We were just wondering if the tour after the Fan Club Party is going to include a trip to the petting zoo to visit Charles and Gary.  

That's a GREAT IDEA UPF!!!



Oh wow, this is undoubtedly the highlight of my long and illustrious career, to have the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT name one of her new pets after me. RHONDA , I can't really speak for Charles, but I can assure you that GARY IS NOT FOOD!!!

Lower Management
At great expense to Lower Management, I was able to track down photos of the new ranch arrivals Charles and Gary, seen here posing with the incomparable legendary Fox on the Run:

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