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Mike B

Gary - I don't think tofu is legal in Missouri.  Charles & Gary will make lots of great steaks and burgers.  YUMMY!!!  I will bring the charcoal!

I'd like to be a cowgirl but I'm scared of cows,
Moo moo moo how they scare me.
I often try to face them while in the fields they browse,
Moo moo moo how they scare me.

They say a cat has nine lives but I know a cow,
Who kicked the bucket nine times,
And she's alive and kickin' now.  

We know Gary loves steaks!!!!

Went to visit Gary & Charles awhile ago.

It's raining, muddy, and dreary.  I also went to visit our new neighbors;
Herb Sr & Thelma. 

Thelma was stomping Herb Sr through several games of gin.

Herb is on the golf course.

The dishwasher is running and the laundry put away.

Time to get the book out, and figure out what I should do next. 

Chapter 3, paragraph 4 "TAKE A BREAK"!!!

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