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The Plumber was just here, and set Rhonda's new ALMOND colored toilet. I ordered a white stool to match the white 1952 "ringer washer" washing machine that I bought for her as a wedding gift in 1983. It still works just fine. The rollers are like new. But oh no...she had to have almond. I know what's going on here, and it ain't going to work. I'm not going to buy her a new washing machine for her upcoming birthday just to match the stool. (incase you're wondering, one of our bathrooms doubles as a laundry room also)
No sir...she's stuck with that almond colored stool, and the white washer. And another thing....I'm not going to soak the corn cobs and soften them up for her anymore either. She'll have to use them in their natural form...rough and dry!!
Mike Garlock
Morning Doc,

    Could I bring you some Almond Colored Paint?  We'll have your bathroom matching in no-time.  Just trying to help.  Mike G.

Something tells me that she isn't going to bother to soften up her high heel  when she kicks it high and hard to land it where that corn cob should be if you don't stop complaining.

Innocent Observer

Dear Herby,

Will you be giving "TOILET TOURS" after the fan club party?

WOW! Let's hope so....what an attraction Hey maybe we can give the old toilet out as a door prize at the fan club party
WAY TO GO RHONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my master bathroom, I have 2 almond sinks, an almond whirlpool tub, AND an almond toilet....  So Rhonda, it's time ole Dr. Herb gets with the program, and gets you EVERYTHING to match in the new almond color.
If he refuses, you need to write Dear Abby and see what she recommends you should do.
All women across the U.S. are all behind you Rhonda................
next time she wants a new reading throne, get her one of these.
He Of Canine Persuasion
Far be it for the Ol' Dawg to represent himself as a soothsayer, but, I have a "sneakin' suspicion" that this thread will eventually involve a response by the Queen along the lines of, "HERBERT - I'll be home soon and you have to sleep sometimes !!!" , followed by a "quick retreat" and some well-chosen
 "UH HUH, YES MA'AM's". After all, that does seem to be the nature of the "married universe".  

My mind is made up. There will be no new washer or dryer. She will have to suffer with what she has. Heck, she's never home to use it anyway. Can't remember the last time she did laundry. As far as that goes, can't remember the last time she cooked either.
If she would've listened to me, we would have had a nice WHITE toilet to match the other appliances. But oh NOOOOOO couldn't be practical like that. Had to have Almond.
I have a white toilet in my bathroom just like the one in the laundry room. It flushes perfectly. (which is all it has to do anyway) It has the "air assist" to help flush. That way the used cobs don't stop things up. It just goes wooooooosh, and down the drain it goes.


You'll be happy to know, the old stool is wrapped up for your birthday, and waiting here for you. (You might need to clean it some)

I think the viewing of the new toilet will be part of the tour to Sally Mountain.
The Ol' Dawg
Now, Ladies - I know what Y'all are thinkin'. That sorry Herby dudn't love the Queen like he should. This is called "Tough Love", folks. If you don't think that he loves the Queen, consider this :

She could be using unsoaked pine cones instead of unsoaked corncobs !!!  

A warning: LCD and plasma TV's, stereo and book cabinets, electric ranges and refrigerators all come in almond or almond paneling, too .

When you were shopping, you should have asked to see more stool samples... oh, no, wait...


"Tough love" my fannie. Reality is, if you're too hard headed to do it right the first time, and listen to those who know, then you live with the consequences. Period!!


Dear Herby,
Please make sure you're home tomorrow for the deliveries from the appliance store.




Good job Rhonda
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