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The Ol' Dawg

Does this mean that the corn cob dispenser next to the toilet will now have to be painted in "almond", too ?

what does YLW stand for?
Yellow Looked Wierd???
So Johnny is going to install the old toilet at Sally Mountain? I guess that could go in the Rhonda Vincent Museum or better yet beside the sign in Greentop. It could represent Herb and his contribution to her career!  It would make a lovely planter; I've seen them used plenty of times in Schuyler County.

Don't you love me Herby!
Dawg, it's already almond colored.

Harry, YLW used to stand for "your loving wife" It now has a different meaning.

Barb, You know I love ya babe. Not the way a man loves a woman, more like the way a dog loves a fire hydrant.

If Rhonda needs plumbing in any color she knows where she can get it.

The Ol' Dawg

I have to agree with Herby on this'un - That white toilet looks sparkly, shiny, and downright sanitary after it's scrubbed really good by hardworkin' wimminfolk. Almond, on the other hand, ALWAYS looks dingy and dirty - Regardless of how clean it really is. Maybe the education process would speed along if Queen had to scrub that brown thang 'til it looks as good as Herby's white "throne" - I think she'd wear out before it ever looked that good !!!   

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